Pump supplies donation

Does anyone need any reservoirs or mio pods for a Medtronic pump?
Here’s what I have available

17 boxes of 3.0 ml reservoirs
14 boxes of mio pods

If someone is interested I also have a 530g insulin pump with the sensor available, no warranty left on them

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hello @Chi and I think it’s very nice of you to offer, in case one of our participants needs supplies we can leave this open for a few days. Thanks again for the offer!

Which mio pods do you have they have 2 different cannula size

@MikeW they are the 6mm ones

I do use those, I just refilled mine and I am not in dire need but if nobody else contacts you I will pay shipping … I would rather let someone who needs them more take them if possible

@MikeW if no one else contacts me for them I’ll let you know. I just ended up with way too much supplies and my insurance covers it 100% for me

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