Tandem t:slim x2

Has anyone ever reused the insulin cartridges for the Tandem t:slim x2? Posing question bc I allowed myself to get low on this item. I may or may not run out before reorder arrives.

I have mistakenly picked up the cartridge I just removed and inserted it, thinking it was a new one. I got a message saying I must use an unused cartridge.
I’m good for supplies and would happy to send you a couple if you’ll PM me your address. I should be able to get to the post office on Monday

Dorie, have you ever tried adding insulin to the cartridge already in the pump?

It’s been a while but I believe I did the very first time with my X2, but it was one I was using for the first time - not a repeat. I believe it worked fine but it’s been a while.
PS- some are available on eBay. I don’t believe they are supposed to be but you could see if a purchase will go through. You’ve been on the forum a while so I don’t need to tell you to check carefully for expiration and other info (you always have to do a disclaimer these days!).

Actually my sister has plenty & she can give me a few. I was just trying to save myself the drive & going out in public.

I’m glad your sister is nearby and can spot you a few! Maybe she or someone she knows could drop them off at your door?

My daughter refills them all time. :woman_shrugging:t2:

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Good to know bc there is no way I will receive next order from CCS on time. I did find cartridges on e-bay, in factory sealed, boxes.

Whew - that’s a relief! Can your doctor change your rx so you get more? I know you’ve been here a while and have probably already thought of that but I just thought I would ask.

My rx is up to date for changing every other day. Quite a while ago my order for infusion sets & cartridges got out of sync. I won’t go into lengthy explanation. I’m crossing my fingers bc yesterday (I forgot to do it on Monday) I ordered cartridges. Customer svc rep wanted to hold me to far off date when I can reorder infusion sets. Being out of sync on order for inf sets & cartridges is unusual. It took me a while to have rep understand the situation. But I did finally get her, the supervisor & order dept to understand the problem. CCS is sending enough cartridges to take me to the next order & shipping date for inf sets per Medicare rules. This hopefully puts orders for both items back in sync.

I looked into cartridges available on ebay. Though the price is right, $20 per box, an order wouldn’t arrive any sooner than CCS order. CCS delivery is up to 5 days ground. I’ve paid out of pocket for quicker delivery in past. Wasn’t any faster.

Today I will try reusing current cartridge. If it doesn’t work I will arrange to get some from my sister.

The man with the plan! Somehow a while back I ended up with a couple more boxes of infusion sets than cartridges. Or vice versa :thinking:. Anyway I thought I’d gotten everything synchronized but I’m off again - thankfully I won’t go without but it is annoying. As is getting a supply of cartridges in one box, and sets in another several days later. I mentioned combining the orders last time and it nearly threw the CSR into a tizzy (okay, that’s an exaggeration) so I just left everything as it was, so I do get you!

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Refilled cartridge today, changed everything else & pump is working fine.

What a relief - so happy for you :tada::tada::tada:!!!

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Dorie, I think I had same experience as you one time with msg that I must use new cartridge. Don’t quite remember circumstance. May have tried removing old infusion tubing & adding insulin to cart w/out removing it from pump. I think that might be key. CCS shipped cartridges yesterday so doubt if I get them until Monday or Tuesday with holiday shipping slowing shipping down. Amazon prime overnight seems to be hit or miss. Assuming nothing goes amiss I will change on Friday & Sunday. I have 2 new cartridges which will keep me OK if shipment arrives on time.