Medtronic Manufacturing Issues

Is anyone else having an issue with Medtronic’s not having a stock of pumps? Over the weekend my Medtronic pump failed and I was told that due to manufacturing issues from the hurricane that hit Puerto Rico it could be as much as a month until I receive a new pump. Is this the only place that manufacturers pumps for Medtronic. I find this unacceptable.

I now have the 670G and that is my issue with the transmitters… that is the only reason why I dont have a CGM yet… but all of my sensors are ready! lol

What pump are you on? For I am on the 630g, and I called Monday with a pump issue and I had a new one in my hand yesterday.
It could be the pump model that you are using that they don’t have on hand… ie 530g or 670g

I have been using the MiniMed 530g. Medtronic would allow a change in pumps since mine is still under warranty and the insurance won’t allow an upgrade until the end of 2018. Luckily I have a supply of pen needles, Humalog pens and Lantus, but that being said my body is not particularly happy with going back on shots.

Medtronic would not allow a change in pumps…

I am a Type 1 adult for whom my endo wants to put me on a Medtronic pump and said, due to the hurricane in Puerto Rico, would not happen until January or February as they can’t manufacture the pumps right now.