Medtronics Supply Horror Stories

I’m getting Fed up with Medtronics, I imagine other people are too. I thought it would be entertaining (and Therapeutic) to start a forum where people can share their Medtronics Supply Ordering Horror Stories. Here’s mine…
Last November, I had to renew my prescriptions for insulin pump supplies. Medtronics wouldn’t fill any orders for infusion sets (Sure-T) until my doctor changed the prescription to be to change the set every 2 days instead of 3 days. It took about 4 phone calls between Medtronics and my Doctor’s office to get that sorted out, but I was able to order supplies after a few days.

February 1st, I place a resupply order with Medtronic’s automated phone system. I don’t get any confirmation email, which I thought was weird, but I figured, surely if there is a problem with the order, Medtronics will contact me, right?
Two weeks went by, and I decided I had better give Medtronics a call. The person I spoke with said the order had not been filled because my insurance could not be billed for more than x boxes of infusion sets, and I had to wait until Feb 22 before I could reorder. I had to explain that my prescription had changed, and I was now using an infusion set every 2 days, instead of 3 days, and that is why I ran out earlier. Medtronics had neglected to update the insurance billing on their end, and then had the nerve to tell me there was “nothing they could do about it”.

I tried to explain that I was about to run out of supplies, and I convinced them to ship me some infusion sets in advance. Great.

Two days go by, and I still do not recieve a confirmation email. I call Medtronics again, and they lady I spoke with said, your order has shipped and should arrive tomorrow. Great. I made the mistake of not getting a tracking number from her.

The following day, no supplies. I didn’t get home until late that night, so I called the next day. The person I spoke with this time said the package was not shipped, because they couldn’t bill my insurance until February 22. At this point, I already had run out of supplies, and told Medtronics, “Fine, just ship it on the 22nd”.

I get a call from Medtronics on Feb 21, (about 4:30 PM) asking if I wanted them to ship a partial shipment of supplies out that afternoon. I told them “No. Too little, too late. Just ship the full order on Feb 22nd like we agreed a few days ago” fearing if I messed around with partial shipments, Medtronics would screw up the insurance billing or shipping. Keep it simple.

So, February 25th rolls around (after the weekend) and my shipment did not arrive. So, I call Medtronics and they tell me my order has shipped, and should arrive tomorrow. Great.

Tomorrow comes, and no package. I call Medtronics that afternoon and the lady I spoke with said the order had been filled, and shipped, but she did not have a tracking number. And, the reservoirs were on backorder and she could not place an order for these. When I explain my situation, she agreed to ship me a single box of reservoirs out of some reserve “emergency” stock, canceled the original order, and placed a new order for infusion sets and Guardian sensors. “The packages should arrive tomorrow.”

The next day, I get a call from someone in Pennsylvania (I live in Colorado) saying my supplies had mistakenly been shipped to his address (Major HIPPA Violation!) and had contacted Medtronics and was going to return the items to them. I recieved the box of resivours, but still no infusion sets.

I called Medtronics the next day, and said, the Resivours arrived, but nothing else. By the way, the guy you shipped my supplies to called me, and I will be looking over my bills very carefully to make sure I am not charged any restocking fees for these “lost order” supplies.

The following day, my supplies arrived. I had to go about 9 days without my insulin pump because of medtronic’s gross incompetence.

That’s my story, what’s yours?

I feel your pain, since I have had similar issues. When I moved to Florida, and started using Medicare for my primary, I had no gray hair. Now, I have plenty, mainly because of dealings with Medtronic. Last week I started using Dexcom for my CGM, and am in the process of getting a Tandem pump.

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I used Medtronic/Minimed for 29 years. From my experience, I can say overall they were pretty good on ordering and supply delivery. The level of service has declined over the last 3-4 years…referencing supply shortages and rationing of supplies to fulfill customer demand. But, I think Medtronic realized fairly early that their bills are paid by shipping supplies, not the pump.

On the flip side I will say their customer support has been in continual decline. They used to be a premier diabetes patient advocate as Minimed. That has been lost for some time.

This is all about insurance companies and big parma moving money from your pocket to their hands, not your healthcare. Join the fight to stop insurance companies from taking away your choice of pump manufacturer now before your choice is taken away and there is no check on the Medtronics of the world (ref. JRF UHC initiative).

I’ve been using Medtronic pumps and supplies since early 2000. I have had a few nightmare stories about supplies, but my BIG problem is with Medtronic’s business practices. They do not seem to care about any customer issue or need, but put profits and their out-of-date business model above everything. Their refusal to go to software upgradeable pumps that inter-operate with others’ CGMS, etc., lock us out of technology upgrades for years. I’m done with Medtronics as soon as I’m eligible for a new Tandem pump. WHICH WILL TAKE ANOTHER YEAR!

HAHA, thanks for providing the rant opportunity :slightly_smiling_face: !

I took have hit a wall with Medtronic. Between their ‘sorry, I can’t you’ll have to call back’ attitude, and Medicare rules, obtaining supplies has become a nightmare from hell. I have made an appointment with a diabetes educator to look at alternatives as I don’t think getting supplies should be a full time job.