Trying to find a replacement Medtronic (!)

Hi all! My name is Madison, I just celebrated my 12th year of t1d last month. I’m looking for an older Medtronic Minimed (515, 715, 522, 722, 523, 723, 554, or 754). If you have one you’re not using, or know of any fellow T1D’s who do, please please let me know! is where I got my first MedTronic. Buyer Beware applies - check out the seller first. :wink:

Hey Madison. I used a Medtronic for about 15 years and have had good results. However, it wasn’t as cool looking as the tSlim, so I decided to switch. I’m returning it after only about 2 weeks.

tSlim flaws

  • It charges and that makes it hot, like a cell phone. It cooked my insulin after 2 days! By third day my blood sugars were 300 no matter how much I took.
  • It has a flashing green light every few minutes to show you it’s working. Kept waking my husband up.
  • The alarm when it is disconnected (during a shower, etc.) was obnoxious and couldn’t be adjusted.
  • Infusion adhesive was itchy! I’d never had that problem with Medtonic infusion sets.
  • The pump wastes 60 units of insulin every time it’s primed. It also makes so much trash when changing a site.

Minimed flaws

  • Requires batteries to run, but at least it works!
  • Looks outdates. Frankly, it’s more important to me to have a pump that works.

Hope this helps.

I have used a minimed pump for over 17 years, and my current pump is about 10 years old and the buttons/functions are starting to wear out. I have looked at lots of the other pumps, but keep coming back to minimed, as they have a long and reliable history, unlike Omnipod and Tandem. The new minimed looks really large. Has anyone switched from an older, smaller model to the new 670G? Is the additional size and weight an issue? I would particularly like to hear from women who sometimes stow it in their bras or on a waistband of a light-weight skirt (without a belt). Thanks,

I use the MiniMed 530G and have clipped it in my bra or aerobic top for years. Initially I clipped it on my waistband but it got hit in doorways and was always in the way of buckling my seatbelt. It’s totally invisible now and no one can see it. It’s clipped in the front, in the middle, tubing on the bottom and front of pump facing my skin. My pump is clear colored with a clear clip for light color tops. Weight is not an issue as it stays perfectly in place. I wear aerobic tops mostly so there is plenty of fabric to clip on to

The 670G is larger & noticeably heavier than the Medtronic I’d gotten about 5 years ago. It takes a bigger battery (AA) and only comes in 300 unit size. Guess it’s worth it if you use the CGM & auto mode but that didn’t help me. Gary Scheiner (author of Think Like a Pancreas) have the pump a helpful review.