Man Purse for T1D Supplies?

What do you men use to cart around all of your T1D supplies?

I recently got a small single strap over the shoulder bag (pic attached) that works okay, but it tends to fall around my neck when I bend over. When carrying a baby, and being attached to an Alert Dog, that can be incredibly annoying.

What do you guys use? Have you found anything “hands-free” that works well for pump, CGM, testing supplies, insulin, glucagon, glucose tabs, dog treats and the kitchen sink?image

Hi Ron @Treadplate, I have a pouch that looks very much like the pictured one but without the shoulder strap. The pouch I use holds everything I need and has a belt loop; a bit bulky with diabetes gear plus granola bar and package of crackers. But it works well.
It was marketed as a camera bag - I believe my wife found it at Walmart after my on-line searches didn’t work out.

I’m not big into accessorizing so I typically just use a draw string bag and/or cargo shorts