Lucky Me

So i broke my wisdom tooth about 3 years ago and because i dont have insurance i dont go to the dentist. well that wisdom tooth was a majority filling. so i was chewing gum one day (sugar free)  :) and my gum pulled the filling out and i chewed it right back in to place. every nerve in my body went insane. i almost crashed my truck i was in so much pain. that was early on in the tooth break. this is 3 years later. I had to go to the Emergency room yesterday because i woke up at 4 a.m. and felt like my head was under a vice. my face was throbbing. i was spitting mouthfulls of blood out. my eye felt like it was about to push out. i had to wait 5 hours before the pharmacy opened so i could get pain killers.

So thusday...which is in 5 minutes from now...i get to go see an oral surgeon in the afternoon and have this tooth pulled. Well theres not much of a tooth left for them to pull but they can have fun trying.

So just think...tomorrow or "today" your day will be much better than mine. Make sure you enjoy it.

wow. that's crazy. hope everything goes well! :)

Oh, so sorry to hear about the dental work...  hope everything turns out ok, and hopefully you get a good 'script for the pain *grin*  Let us know how things go... take care

Hi Wolf,

So sorry to hear about your wisdom tooth. I had some dental problems last year, and didn't really enjoy it either. It is just one of those situations where you think that you are avoiding problems (by taking care of your teeth), yet still manage to run into them with age. I will do my best to have a great day for both of us. Take care of yourself :)

Thanks everyone. Tooth pain sucks. Its one of those things you just cant take care of easily. It just nags you. I will let you know how it all turns out. I probably wont be able to talk tomorrow. I probably wont want to. But i know i will be able to type lol.

haha Kristi...they better give me a good script. or im talking to the doctor bacardi 151 rum. :)

Hope everything goes well for you. Take it easy for the day and feel better : )

Wisdom teeth were my worst enemy, I had trouble for 6 years before I had them taken out. The only word I associate with them is PAIN  :O (Ouch !)

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Wisdom teeth were my worst enemy, I had trouble for 6 years before I had them taken out. The only word I associate with them is PAIN  :O (Ouch !)


Mine have never come in...yet, and from what I hear I hope they don't.


Not everyone has trouble with them. Hopefully you'll be lucky enough not to. If you do have them taken care of as soon as possible to avoid the trouble !

apparently i have a small jaw. i had to get my wisdom teeth pulled as soon as they came in when i was 15 along with 4 other adult teeth because there was no room for them, and they were worried all my teeth would shift to try to make room. i'm missing 8 teeth because i have a tiny mouth! (my sister would probably disagree with that statement)

good luck, wolf! it seems a lot of us understand where you're coming from. try to make the most of the day. maybe watch a good movie and eat a little pudding :o)

OMG i just like imagined that !!! and i was goin nuts trying to get that feeling out of my so sorry to hear that get well

Hi Wolf,

I recently had to have a couple of teeth extracted and found that it took quite a bit longer than I had expected for the pain to subside.  My dentist gave me a prescription for 14 Vicodin, but as it turned out I ended up needing another prescription for 21 more.  I also found that gargling with very warm salt water every hour or so and placing an ice pack on my jaw also helped a lot to relieve the pain.  It still took around a month for the pain to subside completely which my dentist told me was normal.  I also suggest if you get a pain killer like Vicodin, that you alternate taking it with something like over-the-counter Advil because the effectiveness of Vicodin decreases if you use it constantly.  At my request because I'm a diabetic, I also had my dentist prescribe a course of Amoxicillin antibiotic.  So in summary, get at least a month's supply of painkiller and alternate it with Advil, gargle with warm saltwater frequently, use an ice pack and get a prescription for an antibiotic.,

i hope you have a good day other than the tooth problem!

So I was hoping to get this all wrapped up this morning. I get to the Oral Surgeons office and someone is scheduled the same time as me. So I have been post poned until August 14th.

I was ready to get this over and done with and out of the way for good today. 2 more weeks of pain for me. Joy.

Thanks everyone for the encouragement. I was amped up today to rid of this non sence. Im coming back to you guys on the 13th again to boost me back up.

Haha it was going to be for 1 wisdom tooth originally. Now im told its going to be all 4.

Now really.....Lucky Me

Here are 2 threads about wisdom teeth with common concerns with being a type 1 .

orange mms thanks for the links.

no problem, glad I could help.

Sorry it took such a long time to reply, I was at Myrtle Beach all last week : )

Sorry you are having problems with your teeth, but from experience once those suckers are out it is like a whole other mouth. LOL Hope you feel better soon.

Why thank ya.

Friday is my day. Woot Woot. Gettin knocked out :)  no driving for me that day.


It’s good that you’re finally getting this taken care of, because if you have infections
in your mouth, they could be affecting your blood sugars.  Dr. Bernstein in his book
says that whenever a patient comes in with unpredictable and difficult to manage
blood sugars he asks them immediately about dental problems.

I had three teeth extracted recently.  My advice is to make sure they give you a prescription
for an antibiotic as well as enough Vicodin to last 2-3 weeks.  In my case, it took much
longer to heal than I expected.  Also, rinsing with hot salt water alternated with ice
packs on your jaw also helps.


Thanks for the response Paul. The docs said i have no infections as of now. :)  But i will get the antibiotics and painkillers and all that happy stuff. And im going to live off of sugar free popsicles and glue ice packs to my face.

And i have to fast thursday night. Which i hate cuz that means even no coffee in the morning. bleh