Oral Surgery. A few Questions!

hey guys. I'm going to have my wisdom teeth removed on friday and i have a few questions.


1. Will my BS go down or up? or will it remain at a normal number?

2. I'm supposed to dj the next day. Should i be good to go? lol

i had more questions but i forgot at the moment lol thanx for your help.



When I got my wisdom teeth out, I didn't drop but my endo had specific instructions for my dosing that day. You should talk to them before you go in and find out what they want you to do. I had the first appointment of the day, because they had a specialist from the hospital first thing just for people with diabetes who were being put under for surgery to test their sugars, etc etc, find out what the procure is for the office you're getting the work done at.

I would cancel if I were you..while I wasn't as out of it the second day..your face is swollen and talking is a BAD idea. when they tell you NOT to talk, you better not talk.You'll also still be in painkillers, so probably still a bit out of it.

I met my dad after a 13year of zero contact the day after my surgery at a coffee shop to catch up. I tried not to talk too much, but that three hours of chitchat was enough to cause real problems. I had my surgery on friday morning, and by saturday night the pain started to get worse after my afternoon out. on monday, i had to go to a funeral for a family friend who had died while i was in surgery, I cried because i was upset and because my face hurt so much.

When I went to the dentist for an emergency check-up later that day, i found out i had a canker sore running along the fold of my mouth (so where your face connects to your gums), and dry socket on the otherside. the dry socket was because i was talking when i wasn't suppose to say more than a few words once in a while and tried to eat something soft but solid, the canker sore was just to be an extra pain in the ass. when they tell you not to talk at all for a few days and to only eat liquids, you better do it haha.

I just had a consultation with oral surgeon for my son's surgery this summer.  So here's a few tidbits.  The general response to trauma  (at least after) is that B.S. go up.  Will you be iv sedated or just local anesthetic or nitrous oxide?

If iv sedated, ask for a saline iv rather than a glucose iv.

If you're concerned about numbers going up, ask about not having steroids.  Those are often routinely given to help with swelling.

If iv sedated, can they check your b.s. in the middle of things?  Our oral surgeon has a plan to check before, during, and after.  They have glucose to inject into the saline iv if needed.  They also keep glucagon on premises at all times.  One of the head assistants has a type 1 child (has had for years), so she assists on all the surgeries with type 1s.

I would CANCEL DJing the next day.  Seriously.

Particularly if iv sedated, but regardless, keep a close and frequent check on your blood sugars for the next few days.  Your body will be dealing with trauma and you won't be eating your usual foods.  Oh yeah, if you live alone, shop in advance.  Mushy food that doesn't need chewing.  NO STRAWS NO SMOKING. 

Best of luck!

I'm getting my wisdom teeth out Friday too :) They have all grown in so they're just being pulled out rather than surgically extracted so I'm hoping for a quick recovery. Good luck!!

I'm going next week to get a consulation for my wisdom teeth. I'll find out if I'm getting them pulled or cut out (hopefully pulled like yours Lindsay!)

I've just heard to keep a really close watch on your blood sugars, I'm just nervous and want to get it over with. Some of my coworkers have had theirs taken out and most said it definitely takes longer than one day to recover, so I'm guessing you won't be DJing the next night........good luck!!