Losing job and insurance in the next 5 months

So I found out last week that I will be laid off come April 1st. This is good in that I have time to try to find something else, however I can't help but worry about what I am going to do if I don't find something before then. I know the job market is tough right now. I am mainly worried about what I am going to do about insurance and my diabetes care. I thought I would post and check with you guys, cause no one else seems to really understand how and why I am freaking out. If anyone has any tips that would definitely be appreciated!!

I'm really sorry to hear that.  Hopefully you get back on your feet quickly!  I've been there, done that.  It ain't fun.

First step, would be to talk to your Diabetes Educator, Endocrinologist, or Doctor and let them know about your situation.  I don't know where you live, but there are usually area programs that they can refer you to.  The sooner you give them the heads up, the better.

There may be charities that would be able to give you a hand.  In fact, some offices have special programs in-house to help the uninsured.  (Also as an FYI: Many offices also have sample medications they might be willing to give you to get you by.)

Second, there's the Partnership for Prescription Assistance, which is a site that helps you locate the assistance programs for all the major drug manufacturers.  Depending on your circumstances and income, you can possibly get your medications for free.

Good luck!

I completely understand what you're going through. My husband lost his job last year, and the first thing I did was make an appointment with my Endo. I explained my situation to him, and he actually gave me enough insulin to last me nearly 6 months (at the end of which my husband found another job) and enough strips for about 1 month. He told me to give him a call if I needed anything else while I was without insurance. Drug companies give away samples like candy, so I'm sure your doctor would be more than happy to accommadate your needs to make sure you are healthy during your transition. Also, make sure to refill all of your prescriptions right before your insurance is cut off so that you have that much more onhand. If you pay for the discount card with Walgreens you save a LOT on strips...I can't remember how much it costs, but it was paid off with the savings of my first purchase. Good luck on the job hunt--I'm glad you do have some time to find something wonderful!! :-)

When I left my job, I was eligible for COBRA insurance. Basically, I was able to keep my health plan but I had to pay the premium myself. It was steep but well worth it for someone managing chronic illness. Your HR dept should talk to you about this. Also, I know Obama put a law in place that would offer laid off people a steep discount on their COBRA payments, I'm just not sure if this is going on now, I know it was in 2008. Good luck, and stock up on supplies in the meantime!

Keep your cobra.  Call your state's insurance commissioner office and see if your state has an insurance available for uninsured.  The cost is high for the policy but cheaper than out of pocket cost.  I have heard that there are some major medical insurances available but the deductable is high and you would have to pay out of pocket for the everyday stuff.  

I wish you all the luck in the world and hopefully you will have another job before Cobra runs out.


Thank you all for your advice! Cobra is going to be around $950.00 a month for myself and my son so I am not sure I could really even afford that while on unemployment! I am really hoping that I find something before but I know I need to be prepared if I don't since the job market is so tough right now. Thanks again!!

Hi -

You mentioned that you have a son. If he is under 18, you could possibly qualify for govt-funded insurance, Kidscare, or something similar. In some cases, the state will also insure the parent of a minor child. These programs seem to vary state-by-state. Good luck!

I can completely understand what its like. Even though i have insurance its the bare minimal cause its what i got before i was diagnosed. It doesnt cover any of my insulin or supplies, I tried gettin on state insurance,but i was denied, I dont make enough money to pay off the growing med bills i have right now,but i have gone to the makers of my insulins and printed the forms for their patient assistant programs and will be taking them to my next endo appt. Im prayin for good results from the companies, otherwise idk what im goin to do myself. =/