I've totally lost it all

Hi there, new here.

Diagnosed type 1 Feb. 2002.

I was covered under my father's insurance until I turned 21, then I lost everything.  My pump, access to insulin, a regular endo.  Been heck with going in and out of DKA, almost died a couple times. 

Been trying to get back to that good old pump, but many other obstacles in life keeping me from a good job and insurance.  I still owe mini-med a couple hundred on my old trusty paradigm and can no longer order supplies b/c my account with them has been frozen.

Anyone have any advice?


p.s. have been receiving treatment at county health dept. for a couple years now.  Blood sugars still not very regulated, doing my best with 1/2 in. needles and novolin N and R.

If you are low income most states have public health options.  Not sure about your state, but in mine the insulin pump is covered.

When I didn't have insurance I never could afford a pump.  Had to settle for shots and it didn't work well for me. You might try to contact the pump manufacturers for any assistance programs, but I've not heard from anyone who's had success.  

If you are flexible, seek out any job with good insurance.  Walmart and Starbucks both offer insurance if you work 30hrs or more.  Education, government jobs, and larger corporations usually offer decent insurance too.  

The law now allows children to stay on their parents' insurance until they are 26. Is is possible to get back on your dad's policy?

I am now 26, so no I cannot get back on my dad's insurance.  Good news though, I start my new job as a state correctional officer nov. 13 and will have the best available insurance in the state beginning dec. 13.  And with my pay I'll easily be able to pay off my current pump and even possibly upgrade to a newer model and a CGM.

Very cool!  Hope you like your new job.

Congratulations! Sounds like a wonderful new adventure for you :D