Looking to meet another t1 in our area for almost 8 yr old boy

Looking in the Rhode Island or neighboring Massachusetts area to meet another t1 for our almost 8 yr old boy.

Hi Karen,
I am not from the area but I have attended a juvenile diabetes camp for what will be 12 years this summer. I have made some amazing friendships over the years. We all still talk frequently even though we attend different schools. It can be nerve wracking for first year campers and parents but it was the best decision my parents and I ever made when I was 7. If there are any camps near you, it could be something to look into. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

Hi Karen @lckaren . Welcome to TypeOneNation!
I suggest that for a summer camp that you contact the Joslin Diabetes Center in Boston -web joslin.org] ; they have had diabetes camps since the 1920’s. Dr. Joslin opened the first-ever diabetes clinic many years before the discovery of insulin [he gave the first shot of insulin in this country] and that operation is still on the cutting edge in diabetes research and innovation.

Yes, Joslin saved my life and has allowed me to live with diabetes for 60+ years. I’m bragging!

Hi Karen,

I live in Johnston, RI and my son is 10. We would love to connect with you.