Looking for Support Groups

I understand that not many people live in my area but I was wondering if anyone knows about any Diabetes Support Groups in the Milwaukee, WI area. I googled this and only type 2 things come up.

I don’t exactly take care of my diabetes how I should and I believe meeting people in my area who knows the struggles and things I go through will help me greatly. Also my therapist thinks this will help me as well.

Thanks in advance if you can help at all!

Becca @BeccaG3, there are four JDRF Chapters located in and surrounding Milwaukee. Here is a link to the JDRF webpage JDRF - Diabetes - Type 1 Diabetes Research, Advocacy, and Support - click "Near You? at the top center and enter your zipcode.
Also check for events in the tab at the top of this page - I’ve found the people in Chapters are interested, interesting and supportive.

Hi Becca. I work in Milwaukee, and have been T1d for 44 years. I’m only in the Milwaukee area 3 days per week, but would be happy to meet up with you after work sometime! I also am not the most compliant with my diabetes care, but maybe we could be an inspiration to each other! :smirk: If you’d like to chat more, my email address is mlemonohan@gmail.com