What is a Diabetes support group like?

I’ve had Diabetes since I was seven and I’m 24 now. And I just want to know what a diabetes support group is like and if it helped ? I’ve never been to any kind of diabetes type function before.

@Webb1994 hi Ebony, about 20 years ago I was feeling lost and in need of support. There wasn’t anything nearby or anything I could find. I saw a notice at my endocrinologist’s office for a support meeting and so I went. It was pretty much 4 people with type 2, a CDE/medtronic representative, and me.

all the folks wanted to see my pump, because apparently taking insulin is a huge deal for type 2’s… so I showed them… and came back to answer questions for about 8 weeks and that was pretty much it.

That’t the last time I looked, since then I have found online support and the JDRF. Online support puts me in touch with a world of people with the common problem and it has been very helpful. There are other online support websites, but it’s an easy google search so I won’t advertise them here.

The JDRF typically has local chapters and there may be one near where you live. It’s not a actual support group… but they do have fundraisers where if you go, you will meet other t1’s and other families and I think is a good place to network. the chapter finder is here http://www.jdrf.org/chapter-select/ .

there are a lot of us t1’s right here so maybe you can start by telling us about what’s going on?

good luck

I’ve never been either nor do I actually know anyone else type 1 and I keep wondering about it too! Joining JDRF has been like my first baby step haha