Anyone in my area?

Hello everyone!

I was thinking today that living with diabetes would be a lot easier if I could find somebody my age, with the same interests, that has diabetes, I don't know how other diabetics my age deal with certain situations, and every time something happens, I forget to write about it when I come on Juvenation! lol, So if there is anyone on here from the Buffalo, NF, NY area please lemme know. It'd be cool to meet some diabetics around me that are my age. Thanks

Hey Kevin!

I am 23 and go to grad school at UB, so I live in Buffalo. Someone who is going to be an undergrad, also at UB, friended me through Juvenation as well. Keep looking around, there may be more!

Hello, I just found my way back to JDRF after being Diabetic for 18 years. I'll be 25 in May and live in the Buffalo area, currently in Cheektowaga/Amherst area. Do we have a local chapter?

Rachael87 - yes, you do!