Looking for a new endocrinologist in the OKC area

I have a terrible endocrinologist that I keep giving more chances to redeem herself, however I continue to be disappointed in her. She replaced my PA endocrinologist that I absolutely loved over a year ago when all of my PA’s patients were put off onto other doctors in her office without their choice. So her schedule is always full, she barely gets me into her office every three months, when I’m supposed to see my endocrinologist and doesn’t seem to know or care much about new technology in the field, which I am always interested in learning about. I just had a baby eight weeks ago, and when she was supposed to see me every week the last month of the pregnancy, her office could never get me in, and then didn’t seem too concerned about seeing me afterwards to get my sugars readjusted after having my baby. I am just REALLY ready for a new and really good endocrinologist. Any suggestions will be appreciated. :slight_smile:

Hello Amanda @amandaree.
First off, congratulations to you on the birth of your new baby :slight_smile: and then a warm welcome to this TypeOneNation community, Second, regretfully I know any endocrinologists in the OKC area.

You are very correct in demanding that your endocrinologist [all your doctors] are very the best, fully competent and responsive to you. I always make my next appointment before I leave the doctor’s office following a consultation. Two sources that may be available to you are your OB/GYN and your Internist - ask them for recommendations and suggestions and then visit or call any before you make an actual appointment. Be sure to tell any doctor you ask for a referral that you want the BEST doctors advising you. The Oklahoma City Medical Society has listed four members under Endocrinologist, one also doubling as Internist.

Best wishes for fou