Lets try something different

We all spend a lot of time helping each other out and answering each others 'betes questions. So I feel like I only know everyone according to their different circumstances with our all in common illness. But.....I want to get to know everyone more, let's all talk about our hobbies and how we make diabetes work with our different hobbies...but importantly, let's share the things we love to do.

I love to do a lot of yoga and hiking. I also aspire to be a life coach so I'm always connecting with people and helping with obstacles in other people's lives.

who's next? I'm sure we all would love to hear each others hobbies and interests :)

I love to do different kinds of crafts, tennis, jogging, reading, and I LOVE animals.

I've been doing lots of bicycle riding, for almost 33 years. That included eight century rides, but the most recent century was 20 years ago. Currently I'm riding two days/week, with groups that go about 20 or 30 miles per ride. And there's always a restaurant at the half-way point.

Tom  DX 12/1942

:) I, too love animals....and I've always been interested in trying bike riding as more of a sport and less than a leisure activity :) I love this topic :)

[quote user="Tom"]

I've been doing lots of bicycle riding, for almost 33 years. That included eight century rides, but the most recent century was 20 years ago. Currently I'm riding two days/week, with groups that go about 20 or 30 miles per ride. And there's always a restaurant at the half-way point.

Tom  DX 12/1942


i can't tell you how awesome that is, tom! i love riding my bike too :o) the weather has finally moved away from winter here, so i'm pretty excited to get my bike out of the storage unit and start riding again. yay nice weather!

i love animals too, but especially dogs. i have a 5-month old puppy who is pretty much the cutest thing you've ever seen (i might be biased). i like to put bows in her hair and make her prance around the house looking adorable :D

i'm a big fan of photography, reading books (funny or fantasy or sci-fi... anything to take me away from the 'real world'), watching movies, dancing around the basement to good music... I guess you can say I enjoy lots of things. I'm a people person, so being in groups is always fun for me. I like to listen as opposed to talk - it's easy to learn about people that way :o) Nutrition, health, and wellness are my passion. I like to keep up to date with magazines and webinars and research articles. On the weekends, though, I like to take a little time off from working (when I can). 

So, to summarize... I basically love everything and everyone :D


I also love animals, I do lots of volunteer work for different animal shelters in my area. I make pottery (not professionally by any means, just a hobby!) and love yoga. One of my favorite things to do is travel, I try to go to as many places as possible (hopefully Ireland this summer!).

I love sports! My favorites are football (Pittsburgh Steelers) and hockey (Pittsburgh Penguins). I also like to work out, mostly swimming and weight lifting, watch movies, and read.

I like to hang out with friends, pageants, Oklahoma Sooners, Ok State Cowboys, OKC Thunder, book reading, facebooking and prayer-and lots of it!

I used to Paintball a lot back in the day (played for almost 4-5 years) but it got WAAAY to expensive. 

So now i work out (last deadlift i did a 305 max) and hang with friends as much as possible.

But yeah Friends are important to me, i learn a lot from them. As i like to say i gain my inspiration through my friends and family. And it's funny how true it is (in my life).


Let's see...  I like to dance.  I take dance classes for fun.  I have taken salsa, ballroom, tango, and ballet at various times.  I also like to read,  I love almost any kind of fiction, but mostly historical fiction, and I can go through books pretty quickly.  I also like to go out with my friends, of course, for a girls' night dinner, or evening at a wine bar, etc.  I love classical music and try to go to orchestra concerts when I can.  They can be expensive though.

I would love to get into gardening (specifically flowers), but that is not possible right now since I live in an apartment in the middle of a city.  Maybe one day when I have a house in the suburbs...

My interests include anything that involves creativity. :P I love photography and hope to incorporate it somehow in my future, in a job or just as a hobby. I am really interested in graphic designing and would like to go to school to learn more about it after high school. I also really enjoy music and it has helped me through a lot including Diabetes. I enjoy listening and playing music and hope to write my own songs some day soon. I enjoy sketching and my favourite subjects include; animals and nature. I also enjoy writing. :) Art and creativity are my life and I wouldn't have it any other way. :P I look forward to many opportunities for creativity in the future! :)

Tom -- Have you ever thought of doing the JDRF ride to Cure diabetes?  It is a blast! 

How'd I miss this thread before, I love the idea of learning about everyone on here!

I love animals a lot.  I have a dog and ferrets that live with me, and another dog and a cat that live with my parents.  I also have a fish tank, which currently is having a nitrate issue, so not a lot of fish living there currently, but I'm working on it.

I enjoy reading, mostly fiction, especially mysteries/suspense and some historical romances.  My faves are the Kay Hooper Bishop series (mixes a little ESP and mystery/suspense).  I also really love the Stephanie Plum novels.  Other faves include Mary Higgins Clark, Nora Roberts, James Patterson, Johanna Lindsay, Sabrina Jeffries, and I love the Harry Potter novels.

I watch a few TV shows each week-House, CSI, CSI NY (used to also watch CSI Miami), and Glee.  I love old friends reruns.  I also love Disney movies and musicals.

I enjoy a variety of crafts as well-painting, quilting, sewing, cross stitch, bead work, quilling, and my favorite, making seasonal/holiday door (or wall) decorations.

I love hanging out with friends, I love doing wine tastings, and I enjoy trying a variety of beers (Old Chicago world beer tour anyone?)

Okay, that's my fifteen paragraphs about myself.  I'll shut up now :o)

i love animale (well exept spiders or snakes >.>) Im hopeing to get a dog again in the future since ive always had one around. I love to read and am known to go through a large book in a day (i went through the harry potter series in less than a week) I draw alot and if anyone ones a picture of a disney char done just ask and ill try to post it on here. I use to bike alot but an accident kinda put that on hold and liveing in a city dosnt help. Music and video games help me zone out from everything but Reading does that way better i find.

I absolutely love Mary Higgins Clark....so much that I've read every book she's written. hahahaha, and I rarely find others who have read books of her too. :P I'm loving this thread more and more everyday :)

Hey Cheyanne,

Great topic!

My first love before diabetes community management was Graphic Design and Art Direction. I worked in the publishing industry for 10 years until the economy got really bad and they started getting rid of print publications. I still design now but it is mainly diabetes related. I also have a certification in Web Design and have used that skill for the past 12 years.

I am the Community Manager of this fantastic website as well as the owner and operator of diabetestalkfest.com, thediabetesoc.com, and thediabetesresource.com. They started out as hobbies but now its a full time job!

Social Media is also another part of my every day. It has brought me a lot of great opportunites in the Diabetes Online Community.

When I have time I also like to paint. My choice is watercolor and I love painting flowers it is so relaxing. Just so hard to get time to do it!!

well i play golf so its not too strenuous on my numbers but i did have to give up playing hockey my numbers were all over the place but hey golf is still alot of fun to play as well

this is fabulous! i absolutely LOVE to read! i also enjoy going for walks outside, discussing early childhood education with anyone who will listen to me, and spending time with my husband at home.

i'm really kinda boring, but i like it that way! :)

I'm sorry. That's so annoying. I know I always feel guilty missing more work b/c I already feel like I'm out more than others w/ endo appts.

A couple ideas ... Could you ask the nurse to email you information in the future to make sure you get it? I'm sure you have to make sure you're on her "good side" b/c your son needs her this year, but hopefully if you ask nicely. (: Also, if she doesn't get the paperwork by the first day, does your son have a relative who could meet him at school and "monitor" his injections. Granted, that doesn't help if he suddenly goes low, but hopefully he could just quietly test himself? Or, could the endo fax her a note saying the plan from last June should apply until you all meet?

I'm so lucky that back when I was in school, they were more oblivious to these things and testing/insulin was more infrequent! I hope you get this worked out. That's no good to miss the first day of school!