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Hello peeps! How was your Christmas and New Years Eve/Day? Mine was pretty good. I really did not want to stay up till 12:00 to see the ball drop, but I unfortunately did since my blood sugar was whack!

What are some of your favorite activities to do in your free time or have you taken up on any new hobbies? I like to volunteer at the nursing home, read (particularly crime, romance, and friendship/family novels), write my own short stories (or long), and I have taken up cooking. I am ready to start meal planning and making food for others! This year my goal is to take up a new hobby, budget and save my money, and be more confident. I would also like to eat healthy and get my bad cholesterol down (decrease the fried foods and chips).

What are some healthy options you make when it comes to choosing your meals or what to eat with the main course? I’m excited to hear your ideas because I may follow in your footsteps just a bit.

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Happy New Year!My resolution is to try and drink as much water as possible.Its only been 4 days but it really has helped my sugar levels.For me it’s more greens and to try and quit the processed junk but we are human and we can only try our best. Lots of luck to you and nay your sugar levels be kind to you


Hi @hanstan Hannah, thank you for starting a discussion and happy holidays/New Year as well. While I am not sure anyone would want to hear more from me I’ll say that I have started lifting weights and running 5k (until it’s warm enough to mountain bike). Feeling better and I’ve cut my insulin requirements to almost half of normal. Now I’ve mucked up my basal rates and have had a few bad lows. Fixing that and probably getting a new DEX this year.

For the last 20 years I’ve eaten moderate carb, moderate fat and high protein. But I’ve cut fats and have had to increase carbs especially after the gym. Most of what I’ve read is that people purposely spike insulin after lifting, well that’s been pretty easy for me with a pump. I’m getting good results and have lost about 7 pounds, now trying to achieve balance to build muscle.

I cook and build and design and I volunteer with the JDRF and volunteer as a STEM lecturer for the high schools and k-8. Sorry I don’t have any good meal plans but I am pretty darn good at Italian, Hibachi, Tex/Mex and American BBQ and grilling. I’m also an amateur photographer.

Cheers and I hope you are well.


@needles19 Awesome! Are you scoring for 3 or 4 bottles of water a day? If you do 3 bottles a day, that’s 6 cups, but 4 bottles a day would be a tad over 8 cups. Apparently 8 to 9 cups a day is ideal, but I’m far more in the 6-7 cup range. I think too much water is bad, but little water is bad too! Keep up the good work on your New Year resolution and let me know how it is going once back on here.