Lantus versus Toujeo

Our new insurance will soon only cover Toujeo long acting insulin (versus Basaglar or Lantus). I’m wondering if anyone on this forum has used Toujeo and what you think about it compared to Lantus? Thanks!

Hi @Tamarares . When insurances switch insulins they may make exceptions if the doctor documents just cause. If you’re willing to try Toujeo go ahead, but if it doesn’t work for you your doctor may be able to get them to do an override.

Tamar @Tamarares Toujeo, Lantus, Basaglar are all brand names for “insulin glargine”, a certain formulation of insulin and should all function exactly the same. you should not experience differences between the different brands.

Note that even though insulin glargine has a duration in your body for about 24 hours, it is NOT classified as “long-acting insulin” Glargine insulin formulation is true “background insulin” - that is, it provides a level effect on body glucose for its entire duration. Unlike “long-acting” insulin formulations like Novolin-N, Humulin-N, Levemir that have peak-periods of action.