Hi, we got a new insurance and without notice sent us Basaglar instead of Lantus (the prescritpion was for Lantus). I did hear that Lantus is going away so I knew it was coming at some point. Of course I’ll contact my daughter’s doctor, but wondering about your experience with Basaglar. Do you like it? Do you not like it? Have you noticed a difference between Basaglar and Lantus? Anyone know if it’s possible to get Lantus affordably if insurance doesn’t cover it? Thank You.

Welcome back Tamar @Tamarares . I haven’t used Basaglar but I’ve heard folks saying they have successfully interchanged Basaglar for Lantus.

Basaglar and Lantus are both “glargine insulin” but for some complicated difference in manufacturing the US FDA does not consider them to be biosimilar. You are best speaking to the doctor.

That said, Humalog and Novolog also are not considered to be biosimilar, but many people, me included, can readily switch from one to the other with very little adjustment needed and the end results can be indistinguishable. These two CAN NOT be considere biosimilar because one is manufactured from brewer’s yeast and the other from an inert virus.

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Hi! I’ve used both. Personally I didn’t notice too much of a change if any between the two, but I also start using a pump shortly after. For the 3 months or so I was on basalgar versus lantus though I really didn’t notice any noticeable difference. Everyone’s different though so definitely worth checking in with a doc about!


Apologies for going off topic but I didn’t realize they could switch your insulin without advising you first. There have been a couple of times when my plan changed its preferred formulary, but I always got a few weeks notice beforehand. Hopefully Basaglar will work just as well as Lantus and you don’t have any issues. Thankfully I’ve never had problems when I’ve switched - hopefully that’s the same for you.

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