Has anyone tried Toujeo yet? I’m having a hard time adjusting to it and I’d like to hear from anyone in the group who is using it. Thanks

Update. After 6 days, I’m used to the new drug. I switched from Lantus because Toujeo is supposed to reduce hypoglycemia in the wee hours of the morning. So far, it’s living up to the claim.

I was diagnosed a little over three months ago and have been using Toujeo as my nighttime insulin the entire time. I also use a CGM and according to it I’m at a steady 80-100 all night. Toujeo also brings me down from a high relatively fast and keeps me at a steady 80-100 again. I think it works great, but I don’t have experience with any other long acting insulin.

I too switched from Lantus due to hypoglycemia in the very early early morning. The toujeo did take some dosage adjustments at first. My educator advised to give the toujeo a couple of days before adjusting the dosage, and it has worked really well for me, no more lows at 3:30am. The only ‘issue’ I have, is that it seems like I have to adjust the dosage much more often than I did with Lantus. With Lantus, I only adjusted per the Dr when my blood sugars were creeping up, (I was still in the honeymoon phase at the time). With the toujeo, I am still adjusting every week or 2, up sometimes, and down sometimes. Currently, I have been experiencing lows throughout the day, and so I’ve adjusted the toujeo down which is unusual in my mind. Other than that, I love how toujeo works, and especially love not getting woken up by my CGM at 3:30am most nights!

Hi all,

My doctor is recommending that I switch to Toujeo from Lantus (which I take in the early morning ~8am) because I wake up higher than my target BG despite falling asleep in range.

I’ve heard it is more potent than Lantus and my doctor recommended starting with 75% of my Lantus dose. Does anyone have more advice on the ratio of potency?

Also, I’ve heard that “it doesnt matter what time of day you take Toujeo” - does anyone have experience with changing the time of the dosing? Im concerned that it may make me more likely to experience a low.


Toujeo gave me a month of >300 readings before i went back to Lantus.

I am still on Lantus. I used the book “Think Like a Pancreas” to adjust my Lantus dose. I went slowly from 15 units to 13 and no longer get o/n lows and reduced my daytime hypos too without impacting my a1c levels. I think for all the basal insulin dosing, that book is really helpful in getting the dosing right.