Juvenation turns 1 on November 14! Let's celebrate!

In celebration of Juvenation's birthday lets all share how Juvenation has affected/helped you this past year! Or add in anything you want to write about to celebrate! If you haven't been around for the entire year don't worry you can still write about your time here as well! We want to hear about it from everyone!

Happy Birthday Juvenation! Whoo Hooooo!! To many more connections and friends...






Juvenation has given me a place to vent whenever I have a bad day or a question.  I love the supportive atmosphere, too.  We all understand each other's pain and many, many people are willing to help and lend advice.  Before Juvenation, I never understood the concept of meeting people and becoming friends online, but I feel like I know and can connect with a lot of people online now. 

Also, this would be so difficult to organize but it would be really cool if we could organize a meeting of all or some of the Juvenators.  That would be amazing!  But really hard to organize...

Thanks Juvenation, Gina, and everyone who has made Juvenation what it is today!

Juvenation has really given me a place to open up and want to get more involved in the general world of JDRF around me. I know when I am done with school and have more "free" time I am going to get more involved in various aspects of the community of people with type one diabetes. More so it has been a place to be able to talk to people, make some great friends, and learn. I have learned so much here and I am hoping that over my time here I have passed something on to someone else as well. I can't believe a year is fast approaching. I am so grateful for all those who put Juvenation together, the JDRF, Novo Nordisk, and the rest. Not to mention Gina for tirelessly keeping track ofall the questions, complaints, and general moral of the place. Not to mention keeping it tidy too. Thanks Gina.

Juvenation has really helped me. I was just diagnosed with type 1 in August 2009 and I had so many questions and I was so confused about the whole disease process. I was also so shocked that I was diagnosed at 46 yrs old. Everyone here has been such a big help to me, answering questions, giving advice and just being there for me to vent. I had nobody to talk to about this, the friends I know didn't really know what to do to help me and had no idea what I was going through, but the friends on Juvenation know exactly what I am going through and I am so glad they are here to help. Thank you so much for Juvenation you never get tired of hearing me talk about diabetes. Thank you and Happy Birthday!!!

 I have only been a member by that time for 14 days, two week! But Ima celebrate anyway!! :) If you think about it... Juvenation is kinda like facebook, for those of us who are just that special. :p

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUVENATION !!!  Thank you for all the kindness and support you have given to me...

Happy Birthday Juvenation!  Thank you for giving me a great group of friends and people to talk to who understand our daily struggles.  Thank you for all those moments that I needed someone and to know they were at the tip of my finger!

Juvenation has made me feel less lonely . . . it no longer feels like I'm the only one with this illness (well, most days) It got me through a really hard time.

I was just dx 10-9-09 so I havent been a member long but both me & my mom love coming here & knowing that the other here are experiencing the same thing!

Thanks for creating such a place for us to come!

~Heather & mom, Melissa~

Praying for a CURE!

Happy Birthday! I am so glad I found juvenation - it's given me a chance to ask questions to people who know from experience, and not just from books, and a chance to think and talk about the silly parts of diabetes, as well as the serious ones.

Juvenation rocks, and so does everyone on it. You all are awesome! Thanks for all your help over the past year.

Juvenation, to me, has been a lifeline.


It is a place where I know EVERYONE understands my frustrations, angers, problems, anything! You guys have also inspired me to take better care of myself! I have to say, even my doctor (who recommended I try this site), has noticed. Since joining Juvenation, I poke my fingers WAY more often, I make sure I ALWAYS correct for what I eat, and as a result, my numbers have been better, my A1C has gone under 8 for the first time in 7 or more years and I ultimately just feel like I have a whole new grasp on life! Juvenation and all of our members have made this place home, and I hope that never changes (: We'll always be one big happy family!


Did you guys all go off and have carrot sticks and cheese to celebrate the Anniversary of Juvenation? Or did you go all out with Balloons and cake?

No! haha

Actually, I wasn't around all weekend and missed WDD and the Juvenation B-day! Ugh, I know, I know LOL bad bad bad girl LOL

I was able to get on real late night to spy on you all though haha