Just Joined

Just joined and looking for someone to chat with and be friends with!

we're all here for you :o)

friends are always nice. except for C...watch out for her, she's a crafty one! :P


and you can just ignore, pat. i'm probably the coolest person you'll ever meet.

i'm cool in my own right! everyone needs a body guard

i think she was asking for friends not bodyguards. creeper.


i can be both. Never saw "The Bodyguard" huh? *cue Whitney Houston*

way to take my joke literally :P

i don't do whitney houston


we've probably scared 'em away with our convo here

this is what juvenation is all about! random conversations that have nothing to do with anything

keeps people on their toes, no?

keeps them (me) entertained

[quote user="C"]

keeps them (me) entertained



dance little monkey

So sorry to interrupt the monkey dance, but I was just gonna say "hi" to Caitlin  =)


HI CAITLIN!!!!!!!!!


Ok, feel free to continue dancing now  :p


*falls over*