Insulin & muscles

OK, kind of hard to explain but anytime insulin goes into a muscular area on me I get this burning sensation. Does this happen to anyone else?! Is it normal?

I am on the OmniPod and I wear my pods on my upper arms, stomach, and hips.

I do about 20-30 minutes cardio a day and I used to do about 10 minutes of light weight training with 5 or 8 lbs weights. I have totally stopped weight training. My upper arms were getting too muscular. So basically I don't work my arms out ANY now. So now I'm only doing the cardio. (Jumprope, walking, jogging, and some workouts from P90X, just the easy ones not the hard ones LOL). My abs are pretty hard and I tend to get a lot of discomfort wearing my pods there. I can actually feel a bolus stinging! My arms don't hurt much, but only because I literally don't work them out any. I feel like I need more fatty areas for my pods but it seems stupid to totally quit exercising because my insulin hurts. I KNOW there has to be some T1Ds out there who are athletes are at least exercise often. Do you have the same problems with the insulin burning? What can you do about it?!

No, you're the only person in the whole world who this happens to.

Insulin sometimes burns and it sometimes doesn't. 4 out of 5 diabetics with muscles agree


Yes, I've had burning in the more muscular areas too. 

Can you get Pods with shorter canulas?  Or do they offer infusion sets that are angled?  That's what most muscular/skinny people do with traditional pumps.   Sometimes it helps to do a square bolus of 30 minutes so the insulin is dispersed a little slower. 



I'm not on a pump yet, but one time I missed the fat and injected myself in the muscle (I too have very few fatty areas because I'm athletic) with a syrige and it burned like a... something that burns a lot. I think you probably need some more fatty areas for your pod. Also, if the OmniPod company offers pods with angled cannulas, you might want to try those.

Hi Rachel,

It does make sense that the muscles would sting more than the fat, as there are nerves in the muscles and not in the fat. I do not put my site in my legs because I didn't like how much it hurt in my muscles, but in the layer around my abdomen I've developed since I stopped competing I can't feel the insulin going into.

One thing to keep in mind when you're moving  your site around between fatty and muscular areas, when you're working out the muscle that the insulin is going into, it will absorb much more quickly. For example if your site is in the back of your arm, as a lot of people do, if it is in the muscle it will absorb that insulin much more quickly than normal when working our your triceps.