Seek Advice - Highly Athletic 12 yr old using pump, has pain when gets insulin

Hi! My son has had diabetes for 10 years. He just started using the Omnipod, he didn’t want tubes. He is extremely active, hardly has any fat on his body anywhere, has solid muscle instead. When he gets his insulin he has pain as its being dispensed at the site, whether its 4 units or 11 units. Doctors thoughts were hopefully he will put on some fat. I am not encouraging him to do that because it may come back and bite him later in life living with diabetes. He refuses to try the numbing cream, wont use cream of any kind. How do other people handle this?? Thank you!

Hi NanJoDee,

I am 27 years old and have been diabetic since the age of 2. I played college football, and have what sounds like a very similar body type to your son.

My first suggestion is to make sure his sites are rotated. I used to use the same two sites all of the time and they did become a little tender/painful at times.

I have had new sites that will cause pain when using a highly muscled area (ex: abdomen/stomach area). The best place for me in that area is just inside/above his hip. Just warn him that bending in some directions can cause a sense of uncomfortability.

Lastly, has he tried using a shorter insertion needle? I used to have a 6mm insertion needle but switched to a 3mm needle and have found that to be much easier and much less irratable.

Let me know, I hope this helps!