Insertion set adhesion

I use a Quickset Paradigm insertion set. I use Smith & Nephews I.V. Prep on my skin before inserting. I insert always around my lower abdomen. This works really well for the most part. The times it doesn’t is when I am sweating a lot, moving a lot (like mountain biking) or in the water for a period of time. In these case the edges of the adhesive on the set can start to come up.

What have others used to protect and provide extra adhesion?

I have a 2 great options that may help you. Still use your skin prep. You can then use a piece of Tegaderm or IV3000 before inserting your set. The needle will go right through. It sticks really well. With the Quicksets you can also tape over them with either Tegaderm or IV3000. To do this, simply trace a quarter in the middle, fold it in half and cut it out, disconnect your set and place the hole right over your set, it will fit perfectly. Then just reconnect. If you are going to get really sweaty or be really active, you can use both. IV3000 sells precut ones with holes in them but they are more expensive. I don’t buy them because it’s so simple to just cut a hole in them. I use Tegaderm under mine at all times (I only use both in certain situations) and I have never had a set fall out or come loose. Hope this helps!

That’s awesome advice. Thank you!

Hi timg,

I concur with the advice offered by bdaveiga with regards to using Tegaderm, sir, but I’ve never used the IV3000 that she mentions. I would, however, be careful of injecting straight through the Tegarderm as tiny fragments of the Tegaderm COULD become dislodged and get pushed into your body. (Sadly, I met a young woman who developed abscesses from carrying out such a thing who, I’m afraid, is no longer with us due to the problems that accrued from getting repeated abscesses.)