Does anyone use skin cement around insertion site?

I can't get my adhesives to stick.  They didn't stick when I used Minimed pumps and they don't stick now that I have an Animas pump.  Yes, I use Skin Prep pads prior to insertion.  Yes, I cover the site in those plastic I.V. sheaths.  Yes, all the areas are hairless.  I've also used a variety of glues- I don't even remember all their names.  My latest is the Torbot Bonding Cement that is intended for use with colostomy patients but my doc suggestion I should try it.  It has made it possible for my insertion sets, both for my pump AND CGM, to stay in longer than without it, but they still begin to peel off almost immediately after they go on (as in, within 6 hours). I've used antiperspirant prior to putting on the stuff (doctor's suggestion- only one type of anti-perspirant should be used... can't remember the brand at the moment. I've applied a weird nasal spray to the site to try to make it stick (another doc suggestion).  Nothing has worked completely.  I've been wearing this latest round of pump and CGM equipment for three months and the lack of adhesion is just getting annoying.  


If you know of anything that I haven't tried, please let me know.  Oh- and this is NOT normal!  LOL Don't be spooked if you're thinking about pumps/CGMs.  I have really bizarre skin, apparently- not oily, not dry, just objects to anything being stuck to it.  LOL

Wow that is crazy....sounds like you have done everything that you know or your doctor knows how to do. Humph, and I suppose you have also changed your insertion sites to all different places in hopes that it would stick......I am sorry and couldn't possibly tell you what else to use. I will think it over.....believe it or not there is a lot of adhesives in the sports realm that may work.... I will look see. =) good luck in the mean-time.