Infusion sites being ripped out

I have been on the Minimed Paradigm pump since last March. When I went through training, I remember the nurse (on the pump) herself telling me not to worry about ripping it out. She said that in the rare occurance that it does happen, it's painful and you start a new site and move on. I must be doing something wrong then. I seem to be accidently pulling sites out at least once or twice a month. It's not painful, but just annoying. My doc suggested the tegaderm patches, and I ordered them from minimed (gosh they're expensive). I seem to experience more 'rip outs' when I put the site above my navel and not below. I want to start experimenting with putting sites in my back but am so fearful that they will just come right out. Any other suggestions?

My very active son was experiencing the same trouble.  We went through tegaderm patches, IV3000 patches, and tincture of benzoin.  We finally found a product that works wonderfully.......even in the hot, sweaty summer months.......during baseball and football games, and the swimming pool.  We started using skin tac H, and what a difference!  Have you tried IV prep pads before site insertion?  They are supposed to make the area "stickier"  as well.  You said you have more difficulty when the site is above your navel.....are your movements of sitting, bending,etc. getting in the way?  If so, maybe your back would work better.  I hope you find something that helps!  In addition to your frustration, repeated site insertions can get expensive!! : )

I've been using the IV prep pads since I started the pump. I don't think it's a matter of it just falling out as a result of not being sticky but literally getting ripped out by my body movements or stupid stuff I do during my sleep. Thanks for the suggestions!

Defiantly get skin tac! That stuff rocks. We do not even use tagaderm anymore. But you will need uni-solve patches to get them off painlessly. Good luck

Since beginning on the pump I have only had one tear out, and that was during a very active game of ultimate frisbee. I can tell you though if you are running into this problem constantly it could be either how you are doing things, which is not likely, but it could be the infusion set you are using.

I know the quick set seems to be a little less tacky at times and I have had issues with them. I have since moved to the silohuette infusion set and it see,s to be more stable and more water/sweat resistant.

Okay. I am probably the least-cordinated person you may come across when it comes to infusion sets. Yes, I've been known by family and friends to run into a door or wall on occasion, or trip. But, really, I'm not that clumsy. Although when I got a pump I was worried about the infusion sets ripping out as well.

If you're really concerned about it, you can loop the tubing and tape it with medical tape. This way, if it is yanked or pulled, it will undo the tape, and not the infusion set. I seriously considered doing this at the beginning, brought my medical tape to the meeting where my pump was put on for the first time and everything. But once I had it on and wore it around a bit, it turned out I didn't need extra tape. There's enough as there is on that thing :) I also found that it is very secure and stays on really well.

I've dropped my pump out of my pocket and such countless times. I've also caught the tubing on a doorknob while passing by a door and accidentally catching it with my hand or such. It's only actually come out on two occasions: one, last night :) I had my pump tucked in the wasteband of my pajama pants, and although I thought it was secure, turns out it wasn't seeing as when I stood, it squirted out :) and went flying across the room. The pump was fine, but it did rip the infusion set off. It stung a bit, but it wasn't too bad, and it didn't do damage to the actual insertion sight or anything, so there's no worries really of blood or ripping/cutting (something else I was also concerned about). The other time, I was lying on my stomach in bed and had rolled over. I think the tape caught on the sheets and stuck, so it was ripped out, but it was loose and on my 3rd day of wearing it, so it wasn't so sticky on my skin anymore and didn't end up hurting.

Good luck!

Shorter tubing may work too. If I'm going to be particularly active and I'm worried about it catching I'll tape up the tubing into a bundle too. Another thing i'll do is wrap the tubing around my waist.

I'm a champion pump site ripper outer I've gotten better though, but it will still happen to us ADD sorts.

The problem with shorter tubing if you are used to the longer stuff is that if you are already prone to pump droppage, you are more likely to rip it out as the pump  will run out of tubing before dropping to the ground. This could allow for more rippage due to hanging pump and a issues in keeping the infusion site in already.