Im switchin to the pen this Saturday!

hi im natalie i was diagnosed on may 5, 2010, u can read more about it in my blogs, ny way i just joined this group nd im still on the needle but once im done w/ that insuline that i have now im switchin 2 da pen baby!! YEAH!!! CANT WAIT TILL THEN!!! im soo happy caz itll be much easier nd hopfully less painfull. who hear has a pump nd who has the pen, or do u have the same ol' needles? tell me ur diagnoses story <3 ~nat

I use pens.. WAY EASIER! 

My son was dx a year ago, and just switched from syringes to the OmniPod pump last month.  Despite a challenging adjustment period (lots of highs), he way prefers the pump, and so do I.  A Pod change every three days only takes about 5 minutes.  No more remembering his Lantus at 7:00 pm every night.  We bolus for meals and snacks sitting at a red light in the car.  No more log sheets and calculators every time he tests and/or eats.  Life is much simpler for this very active kid...


Oh, BTW, his dx story is here.


thanx i didnt get a chance to read his dx story but i will read it when ev i get the time.....btw wat is a "dx" story?

dx is shorthand for diagnosis :)

oh thanx i didnt want 2 sound stupid or nything askin' so thanx again!!