It was a month!

this past saturday it has been exactally 1 month since my diagnoses!! i so happy i got this far nd it didnt even seem that long ago! it has gotton a hell of alot easier since the first day but now im on the pen nd life couldnt get ny easier!!

Congrats! I'm 2 weeks in and starting to figure a few things out. I'm jealous of your pens, I'm hoping to get them someday.

yeah they r alot easier lol

It's also been just a little over a month for me!  Officially diagnosed on May 5th.

Thank goodness for those pens, right?!  I'm so glad we don't have to draw the insulin and go through that entire syringe process every single time, these days.  I'm looking forward to the pump even more, though: One infusion every three days instead of a minimum of 4 injections a day!

I'm glad things are getting easier for you.  :)