I Love insulin!

Well I tried to follow the new way to control my diabetes. It's not working! I was very careful with eating and my bs just slowly started to creep up everyday. Pretty soon I was seeing 200's again. This is not OK by me!!!! So I started my insulin again and have got my bs back in control!!!!

 With just Novolog, I am able to wake up with fasting under 120, without they were 150+. After eating a low carb meal without insulin I was hitting 200+ at 2 hrs. With just a little insulin (1 unit/15 carbs and I am not a small person) my bs is under 160. My body still reacts to carbs and insulin a bunch, that's I think why they are calling me Brittle LOL.

 I know the Endo's want me to try control without insulin and in less than a month my bs was just plain F-ed up. Sorry Dr.'s my control is on the top of my list and insulin works!!!! I Love Insulin!!!!! I'll try other stuff if they want, but I am going to make if very clear. My bs control is not messed with!!!!!!! I have diabetic goals of living a normal life as I can and nobody is going to stop me!!!!! I'll buy Walmart insulin and reuse needles if I have too!!!!!! 

 I am saying to whole world Thank You Dr. Banting, I Love Insulin!!!!!!!!! It saved my life.