Scared for this thursday

So this thursday is the day that i officially start insulin. You may be wondering why I am not already on insulin (no I am not a type 2), I am a type 1.5, so since i was diagnosed over a year ago, my honeymoon period has allowed me to coast on diet restrictions and type 2 meds alone, untill now.

My sugars have been bad lately, so my family doctor said that it was likely a good idea to start insulin now. I have an appointment with my endo's nurse this thursday. Im starting on only a nighttime insulin.

 I know that compaired to most people thats nothing, my situation is very unique. Its a big step for me and im more than a little bit scared, its all i can think about right now. I know that i will manage fine, im just terrified to start it.

I guess im just down in the dumps right now. I would really appreciate some advice from anyone.. or maybe a little cheering up.

I, myself am not diabetic, my daughter is. But I feel her pain and as a mom I feel her sadness, fear and anxiety. I can understand your uncertainty, as this is a change in your life. I have learned that managing Chasey's diabetes is an art not an exact science. Just try your best everyday and ask for help when you are unsure. 

I wish you well with this new journey. And I have found the wonderful people here to be a great resource. 

Hey Meredith -

I'm sorry to hear that your levels have been bad lately, and that you will be starting on insulin soon. I know you must feel like your whole world is changing gears, but I can assure you everything will be ok. When I was diagnosed over 17 years ago, I had to take four different types of insulin at various times throughout the day depending on how each insulin worked. I was literally a human pincushion. Fast forward to a couple years ago, and I was on Lantus and Humalog - a giant leap from the multiple insulins of yesteryear. And now I'm using an insulin pump. It's amazing how advanced diabetes control has come in such a relatively short time!

Using insulin might seem daunting, but it really will become routine over time. And think of how much better you'll feel knowing that you are taking the steps that are necessary to control the bad levels. I know that I can't stand the feeling of icky sick when my levels are all over the place. That's no way to enjoy life! When you meet with the nurse, make sure you understand everything she's instructing you to do - take notes if you have to (I always bring a notebook to my appointments, because I'm a total dork). The best thing you can do is keep records of you levels so you can communicate with your doctor if you have to make adjustments.

Just breathe!! I assure you that everything will be just fine. Seeing that it's Fall already, here's a funny picture to (hopefully) pick you up:

Thank you both so much! Definately made me feel better :)

And that owl picture is just what i needed haha so cute!

Meredith, I was DX'd in Feb of this year. One day going about my business next day my DR. brings out needles, insulin, monitor and everything else. Overwhelming is a small word to use. I can tell you 8 months out taking shots every day is not as terrible as I thought. Not that I would rather not do it, but it has helped me alot. You may find that you actually feel better. We all get down in the dumps so you are not alone. Pick your head up and take a good look around you. I am sure there are many good things in your life. If you get down write again I am sure others on this site will come to your aid they have for me!!