How Many Carbs in a Snowie?

I was diagnosed just a few weeks ago and my favorite treat is a snow cone. I haven't been able to get one since I've been diagnosed cause I can't even get a guesstimate on how many carbs are in one. Can anyone help me? I have been craving one and can't last much longer! Thanks.

To be honest I usually count it like 10-30 carbs only because it's a hunk o' ice and some flavoring. I really hope everyone else on here is more helpful, but that's all I've ever been capable of! :)

i agree with Alyssa. the only carbs in a snow cone are contained in the pump of flavoring. be careful, though. straight up sugar like that is difficult to medicate. since you digest the sugar so fast, it's hard for a fast-acting insulin to go to work quick enough. i always seem to go low when i eat/drink something like that and give insulin for it. maybe if you give your dose a half hour before you eat the snow cone? i'm just thinking aloud here... any other thoughts?

The only time I've ever eaten a snow cone I ended up super low. Don't remember what I counted, though. Here's a calorieking listing.



They sell the syrup in bottles in the grocery store and next to the ice cream makers in Wal-Mart. Just check the nutrition label on the bottle.

You can get great sugar free syrups at Cash & Carry....probably at other restaurant supply stores too. Many, many flavors to choose from. The Margueritaville Ice Machine available at Costco is a great machine to quickly produce the crushed ice. My son gets to make as many snow cones as he wants. Not all the flavors are good but we have some favorites. 

I have an ice shaver at my house. I put a block in and press on the top and it shaves the ice. Then I add sugar-free bottled flavoring my Mom buys at Walmart. So no carbs in mine!

But as others have said, just buy the bottled kind and measure how much you use to count the carbs. But sugar-free flavoring is just as good, and usually carb-free, so you might want to try it.

Thank you everyone for your help! I am going to get a snowie tomorrow for sure! Thanks Ajax for the website. How did you know where to find that? And Tanner, thanks for the idea to wait half an hour after my dose. I always forget to do that when I'm eating stuff like this.

I'm very excited for my first snowie as a diabetic! Thanks again!

I did it! My first snowie as a diabetic and it was AMAZING! Thank you guys so so much!

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