I’m also new to the group. I was diagnosed at age 2 1/2 and am coming up on my 52nd anniversary with T1D. I’m one of the lucky ones – I have no complications! I’m looking forward to a place to “talk”!

Hi Pam @PamcKlein,

… and welcome to TON. Yes, there are many people here with whom you might find interesting thoughts to exchange. And I suspect that you would have a “treasure” of advice to share - especially with the many younger members here and with parents / caregivers of young children newly diagnosed with diabetes.

I hope the milestone you will reach in another three days will be a cause for celebration - I just passed my 59th three weeks ago and celebrated with fireworks.


Hi Dennis, Thank you for the kind introduction. I have shared my knowledge with others many times over the years and I’m happy to do so.

hi @PamcKlein Pam!

welcome and it’s really great to have your experience here. congrats on a job well done - between you and @Dennis there’s a century plus of experience right there. I am a bit behind you both with ~37ish years, not all of which were perfect, but I am here and doing okay today. hope to see you on the forums.


Hello PamcKlein, welcome aboard. Do you have the Joslin 50 year medal? Medalists meet every odd numbered year in Boston. They have a wonderful program for us long term T1’s. Medalists and their spouses attend. The next meeting will be in 2017, usually in June. There is also a special Joslin Medalist group on Facebook. Interesting discussions appear there.
I have been T1 for 70 years, and I am looking forward to my 75 year medal in the year 2020.