In about the past month  and a half, I've had ketones like 15 times. Can't figure out why. the pump, sites, everything looks fine. Anyone have any ideas? I'm on the Deltec Cozmo pump and cleo sites. I had an emotional breakdown in the bathroom at someone's house last evening because I got ketones AGAIN. I didn't have the insulin bottle with me (had to get the correction through the new site) and had to guess on dinner so my score at bedtime was high but had no ketones at bed and woke up with a great number. Seems to be the usual. Who knows, I'll probably have ketones again tomorrow.

Hi LeahMarie, I would call your doctor and let them know because if you keep getting ketones that can lead to DKA, which is no fun. Hope all works out.

how often do you change your site? my endo has been trying to get me to switch to every 2 days instead of every 3, he said it helps absorbtion and therefore keeps bs levels lower, cuz it's a newer site all the time, but since I don't really have many issues on day 3 I have been ignoring him, but maybe it would help keep the ketones away. feel better =)

Have you been sick at all? My son was in the hospital with DKA last week. He had a simple cold, but also had a kinked cannula that caused high BG to begin with. We had changed his site in the evening, and by the next morning he was throwing up already. I mistakenly assumed he had the flu, since other family members were also feeling under the weather. Called our endo, who said that when you have ketones, you can give yourself up to double the amount of insulin you'd normally take, to bring the ketones back down to normal. Definitely be in touch with your endo.

Rebecca, I usually change my site every 3 days but the ketones have been making it almost every day or every other day.

Deanna, no, I haven't been sick at all. In face, I better not, cause I'm in my brothers wedding in a week. :)

My mom called the site company on Thursday and then I got ketones Friday night/Saturday morning and now we can't call the endo till Monday.