Hello fellow diabetics

Hello my name is tori and i’m 16 years old!! i was diagnosed in 2010 when i was 9 years old and that made a really big impact on my life, people had stopped inviting me over their houses or out with them because they didn’t know how to ‘deal’ with my diabetes. i am the only teenager i know with t1d, even throughout school i was the only one. i was suggested to come on this site to find others with t1d, i hope i can find diabetic friends who understand because it seems like no one does since they don’t have it, i’m the youngest of 3 and i’m the only one in my whole family with it. it would be nice to find others who can share the struggles and good sides of diabetes with me.

Hi Tori!!
I’m Abby; I’m 15 and I was also diagnosed in 2010. I completely understand what you’re going through; I, too, am the only one in my family and in my school with T1 and I’ve definitely dealt with plenty of people who don’t know how to handle it. I’m so glad you found TypeOneNation! It’s a great place to make friends with T1.
Please email me if you have any questions or if you want an “email pal”! My email is abigaelparrish13@gmail.com.
–Abby :two_hearts:

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Hi Tori!

Welcome to TypeOneNation :slight_smile: My name is Sophie and I was diagnosed almost four years ago at the age of 17. I know there is somewhat of a stigma surrounding type 1 diabetes, but it’s absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. I feel like explaining diabetes to my friends really helped them understand what I was going through. For example, I explained to them how insulin affects my blood sugar and why my pancreas doesn’t work like others do. They now can tell, sometimes better than I can, when I have low or high blood sugars based on how I’m acting. I think being transparent with your friends and showing them that diabetes isn’t scary will help a lot with them accepting you as you are! There is really nothing for them to “deal” with except being aware of whether or not you’re going too low or too high.

Let me know if you have any questions or if there’s anything you want to talk about! I’m by no definition a diabetes expert, but I think I’ve mastered the social aspect of having a diabetes and trying to make it as least awkward as possible :slight_smile:


@donghyuckie remember that you are never alone.:+1:t2: And there are plenty of friends here. I was diagnosed last year (2016) on 27th May, I really do hate that day. Basically the day that ruined my life. It was so close to my birthday as well. Kind of like a “surprise” for myself from myself. I am also alone in my entire school and family. I have a friend who’s Diabetic but she left my school a year ago.

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hi abby!! it’s nice to know someone around my age who has t1 :slight_smile: i will totally email you so we can chat!!

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hello sophie!!
in the past when i went to school i had tried to but it seemed people feared what they didn’t know so i was picked on a lot because of it so now i am really awkward with it, but since i am homeschooled now i don’t have to tell anyone. it would be nice if you can help me with the social aspect of the diabetes since my mom doesn’t understand that it’s hard for me since she doesn’t have it.

i can easily say that the day i was diagnosed was also the worst day of my life and i’m alone with it as well. i’m sorry your friend had left if you ever want to talk i will happily talk with you about anything!! :slight_smile:

Hey Tori!

People definitely fear the unknown. Maybe you can start by telling one friend, then see how they react? Personally, all of my friends have been very supportive, and you deserve that! Maybe people are just confused and need to understand what you’re going through on a deeper level.

I used to be really self-conscious about giving myself injections and checking BG in public. At some point though, you just have to remind yourself that it’s your body and your health on the line! If people care and think it’s weird, so be it. You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life anyways! For the most part, I think people are mostly understanding. Once you get more confident in doing “diabetic stuff” in public, I promise it comes suuuuper easily!

hey tori, i’m tessa, i’m 16 and was diagnosed in september of 2010. i realize that you posted this a while ago and have probably already found some friends, but if you want to message me i’d be glad to talk with you?? i have instagram and twitter @ eclipsedsunflwr so you could message me at either of those if you want, or i could share my phone number with you if that would be easier.

i hope you’re having a good day~~♡

hii!! wow it’s like we’re twins. it would be easier over text! you can share your phone number and i’ll text you :slight_smile:

@eclipsedsunflwr tessa and @donghyuckie tori, it’s probably a really bad idea to share phone numbers on a open web site - would it be okay if you do that, at your discretion as a PM?

you can PM by clicking the person’s ID and you can click “Message” from there.

i don’t see any buttons or links or anything for messaging when i click on someone’s profile…i’m not sure what i’m doing wrong. where exactly is the place to pm someone? thank you~

@eclipsedsunflwr hi Tessa. I’m running out now I’ll answer tomorrow sorry about the delay. On my screen there is a “Message” button when you click on the other persons avatar picture

sorry i didn’t know you could pm people on here thanks for letting me know!! @eclipsedsunflwr i’ll message you first!!

Yeah please… I’ve been looking for people

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hi ~ if you want to dm me on twitter or instagram my username is @eclipsedsunflwr on both … i’m free to talk most of the time except when i’m at school or busy with homework and such :heart: i’d be happy to talk to you