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Hi guys, nice to see a community for all of us type 1ers out there. I stumbled on this via facebook and am happy to see something by the JDRF to help all of us. Let me introduce myself a little bit, I'm 21 years old and have had diabetes since I was 10. It seems like I've had just about every experience you can have related to crazy lows and what can happen as a result from them. I am a counselor at Camp Seale Harris, which is located in Jackson's Gap Alabama on the Camp ASCCA premises. It's one of the greatest places on earth for me, and if there are any newly diagnosed diabetics reading this, or parents of those, I would strongly encourage you to check it out, as that's where I learned to do my own injections when I was 11 and it has provided me years of education and interaction with people who have the same condition. As I said, I've had alot of experiences with diabetes, and if I can help any of you with anything, I will sure try. Just let me know!

Welcome! Glad to see you on here -- I think you'll find it very helpful.

Hey!!! My story is kinda like yours!! I am 21 as well and got diabetes at age 9 but went on the pump at 11 years old! But the coolest thing though...I've been on the medstaff at the diabetes camp in my area too...in Ingelside, IL! Isn't it the best thing ever!!! Welcome to this site...it's wonderful!!!

Wow, we are pretty paralell it seems. Yeah camp has been a major part of my life since I went in 98, was a camper for like years and now have been a counselor for like 4 years. Actually we have a pretty major thing going on pretty soon, the DECA ( Diabetes Education Camping Association) conference is taking place at Seale Harris this year, which is a pretty big deal for us, I imagine your camp is involved with it as well. Anyways, Well it's great to hear from you and feel free to hollar at me anytime. Take care!

Welcome! I know you'll love it here, we get on rants and talk about the non-diabetics behind their backs its a lot of fun :)

What and whre is the cmp in Illinois.  My grandson was diagnosed at age 5 this summer.  I would love to know of a diabetes camp in the area for him

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The Diabetes Camp is in Ingelside, IL. There are day camps for diabetics up til age 9(I believe there are some at Camp Duncan, but I believe there are some at other sites as well around the chicagoland area), then from Age 9-13 diabetic children go to Triangle D camp in Inglelside, IL @ Camp Duncan. Then teens 14-18, can go to Teen Camp that is at Camp Duncan as well.

I never attended day camp, but I did attend Triangle D and Teen Camp as well as I worked as Med staff caring for the campers this past year at Triangle D. Overall, I can't tell you how great of an expierence it is for kids to go to camp and strongly recommend it!

Go to the ADA website....www.ada.org - I believe and it will give you the details on the camps!! If you have any more questions feel free to ask!