Have you ever

been to diabetes camp? 

gotten juice/soda/something sugary for free when you were low? explain your story :D

given the wrong insulin (mixed up long acting with short acting)? e.y.s. :D

hit a nerve when inserting a site? (pumpers)

broken your pump? how?


I think those are good to start with, if anyone has any others please add them to the thread :D


I fail. I've done all those things. My "get things for free" story was just a couple weeks ago. I have tears in both shoulders and I go to physical therapy 2x a week. I was in the middle of some of the stretching exercises and I got really dizzy all of a sudden (I had just done a BG test 30 mins before and it was 100-something). I asked if I could sit down and IMMEDIATELY 3 other physical therapists pounced on me with a blood pressure kit, snacks, and soda from the vending machine. Of course because I was incredibly embarrassed and also slightly panicked at such a quick drop, my BP was insane. My PT told me I was really pale, but after sitting and eating/drinking for a few mins I was fine and able to finish my therapy while attempting to avoid eye contact with everyone. I don't think they've had too many diabetics because they were watching me as though I might explode :o)

I haven't given the wrong insulin, but I did accidentally give myself a shot of long-acting insulin twice. I was only about 9 or 10 years old. I was allowed to eat WHATEVER I wanted for a full 24 hours. Probably the best day of my diabetic life :o) haha!

I have a Cozmo pump (which is a worthless piece of poo). I've somehow managed to bust the screw cap that holds the resevoir in. It still works enough to hold everything in, but I'm hoping to transfer my warranty to a new pump so I'm not bothering to fix it. I also have a really bad history with pump clips. They only last me about 2 months before I somehow snap them in half. I don't lead a crazy life, but according to my pump clips I do :o)

Shouldn't Greg answer these questions too? I'm all about hearing peoples' stories!

Yes, I've been to Diabetes Camp. Camp Crestfield in Slippery Rock, PA

Yes, I have given the wrong insulin (13 units humalog instead of levemir at bedtime) that's very scary !!

I have never been to Diabetes camp.

I got water free twice when I had high blood sugars. Once in high school from a campus security guard, and one from a security gaurd at Knott's Berry Farm (I was 10, my sugar was high, and I was somehow separated from my family).

I don't think I have ever hit a nerve, but I know I have hit some veins, which isn't very fun either.

I have had three pumps "die", there was no breaking involved, they just gave up on me.

Yeah, I've been to a few camps, love it!

Yes, I've gotten a slush puppie for free when I was low at the movies, and I didn't even have to stand in the very long qeue! The guy just gave it to me...

No, I've never taken the wrong insulin, but I have given the same insulin twice...

Yes I have hit a nerve, I almost started crying, it was so painfull!! :'(

Yes, I have broken my pump :( twice... Once the one button completely broke off and the other time I had put in the wrong battery and so the screen broke...

Aww man I have never done any of these things.  I have only had diabetes for 1 1/2 years though so maybe sometime...

I'm so boring haha I haven't done any of those!

yes - i'm going in 6 days!!! it will be the second time i've gone

no - i'm hardly ever low and if i am going somewhere i always carry a pack of fruit snacks or a fruit roll-up with me!!

no - when i was on injections my mom did it for me and once i was old enough to do it i was on the pump which only uses short acting!!!

yes - it hurt soooooooo bad!!!

no - lucky me :P the reason i got a new one was cuz the warranty was up on my old one!


heres a questiion - have you ever accidentally gotten your site yanked out? i have it KILLED!!

i've been to diabetes cmap! clara barton in MA

i've only been low like 6 times and havent gotten anything for free......... wait well my friends mom bought me something but she bought it...


have you ever forgotten syringes/pen needles, insulin or something at a restaraunt? I did the first time i ate out after diagnosis.. my mom was nice enough to drive home and retrieve the forgotten syringes!

diabetes camp for 5 years great experiences!!!

yes i have

n and r more than once but that was like 6 years ago

yes and it was bloody nasty mess but it stopped after awaile actually im not sure wat i hit but it leaked in to my insulin and it was clear with red tint

i have had 8 new pumps on insurance well mayb 9 but stupid things like jumping in a pool not securing it on a roller coaster stuff like that


been to diabetes camp?  Nope was diagnosed at age 25, although i wish there was an adult camp :)

gotten juice/soda/something sugary for free when you were low? I was low at the gym and they gave me free gatorade

given the wrong insulin (mixed up long acting with short acting)? No, thank goodness

hit a nerve when inserting a site? Yes, Many times and I called that the Mt. Rushmore syndrome. If its happened to you, you know what I mean by that statement!

broken your pump? how? Ummm... I broke it. I plead the 5th on how that happened LOL

no to all those questioons. if i mixed up insulin when i was on shots.... oh boy! i would have gotten the glucagon out. i took 30 units of nph. and i ate 15 carbs per unit of novorapid

Wish my son would join this site ;)  We live in Boston too!   Did you like Clara Barton?   Thank god for moms  :)  

Been to diabetes camp?  Yup, for 11 years :).  Camp Endres in Oklahoma.

Gotten something sugary for free when low? I went low during an indoor soccer game and went to the concession stand and moped and they gave me a free 20oz coke.

Given the wrong insulin? I always thought it was crazy that people could do this.  Lo and behold, I did it about 2 months ago.  I ended up giving myself 37 units of Novolog instead of Lantus.  Hi, orange juice.

Hit a nerve when inserting a site? Yes.  And it's the worst.  It's inexplainably painful.

Broken your pump? In 2003 I was in class one day when I was bolusing and all the sudden the screen reset as if I was changing the batteries.  No idea what happened, but a few hours later it was resetting every couple minutes.  That was the first and only time Minimed had to replace my pump.

I've been to camp.  It was better when I was little, around 5-8, and it was just day camp.  I went to overnight once.  The other girls in my group were cliquey and I was starting to get my social anxiety problem around then, so it sucked.

I don't think I've gotten free food for a low before...I carry around a ton of juice boxes and glucose tabs, and I always have money with me.

I've done the insulin thing when I was little, my mom gave me the wrong kind right before bed.

Probably.  The most interesting thing with the pump insertion was when I hit a rib.  It went in about a millimeter and I got really confused for a minute.

My pump has broken before, but not because of anything I did to it.  I break the clips all the time.  That's actually getting expensive and out of control, but it usually only happens in school.

I also wrecked a meter.  I was at safety camp (wooo!!!) and the firefighters there were letting us run around in the spray from a firehose.  I forgot to put my diabetes backpack somewhere dry....

[quote user="Nancy Quigley"]

Wish my son would join this site ;)  We live in Boston too!   Did you like Clara Barton?   Thank god for moms  :)  


clara barotn was amazing! and there's a boy's camp that it's partnered with called camp joslin

i didn't do much with the joslin boys except for the dance cuz we were supposed to play soccer with tehm but i sprained my ankle and missed the game :(