Newly Diagnosed: Hair Loss

Hi! My name is Gabby. I was diagnosed with T1D this past March and have experienced noticeable hair loss since. Is hair loss a prominent issue in the T1D community?

The same thing is happening to me but I was given reassurance by my doctor that it would grow back. Losing of nutrients was probably the case. I was told my hormones levels weren’t abnormal. I have heard several others who experienced this firsthand say their hair grew back. All of the people I’ve spoken to about hair loss had high A1C’s at the time of diagnosis along with their noticeable hair loss.

My 6 yo daughter experienced noticeable hair loss leading up to her diagnosis. She was in DKA when diagnosed and spent about a week in the hospital. Our endo told us that hair loss/thinning was not that unusual due to what’s happening in your body with the hormone levels, etc. She continued to thin for the next month or so after diagnosis, but once her levels started to even out more it started growing back. Now 6 months later, you would never know, as her hair is as thick and full as before.

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There many, many comments posted on this ite - some rather extensive strings.
I suggest that you enter “hair loss” in the search bar near top right and see what was posted between 2010 and the present time.

Hi Gabby, I was diagnosed with T1D 40 years ago and have faced several challenges and take 7 prescribed medications and a few of these can cause hair loss. I talked to my PCP and endocrinologist because I am experiencing hair loss.