Good endocrinologists or autoimmune doctors across the country

Hello, I brought my son to ED this week for his unexplained fatigue, tiredness, not able to wake up in the morning. His endocrinologist told me it was not diabetes related. I believe so. But I believe he has other autoimmune diseases caused these problems including memory loss, bone pain, and bone thin. He also has symptoms of depression and anxiety. But very experienced psychtirst evaluated him in person and confirmed he has no depression and anxiety. Some lab results came back and I saw his inoized calcium is abnormal and I researched and found it points to parathyroid gland. I am going to talk with his pcp and endocrinologist and try to convince them to run more lab tests for him. But I also want to prepare for rejection from them. I am asking for information about good pediatric endocrinologists or clinics or hospitals that are really good at autoimmune diseases. I will travel to see them to save my son. I will also do the research but if you know, please share it with me. In the hospital, a male doctor used sternum rubbing to wake him up. This doctor told me it was very hard to wake him up and because the doctor rubbed him so hard, my son even coughed.

Hello, I’m not a doctor but …. This sounds really complex. Perhaps you could consider Mayo Clinic located in Rochester, Minnesota, and I believe Mayo Clinic also has locations in Phoenix AZ and Florida.

@Glucosebee - You don’t say what area of the country you are in. I know there are several good doctors (endocrine) in the Philadelphia, PA area, as well as one very good one in Birmingham, AL. I didn’t have much luck in Florida or in Phoenix finding good docs, but I’d be happy to help you find one, if I can. Also, contact your local ADA/JDRF for recommendations of endos in your area. Also talk to other T1’s/T2’s in your area for recommendations. They have been my best sources over the years!

Pam K.
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Good morning Pam, thank you. We are in San Diego, California. My son is 13 years old. We don’t really have much choices and freedom here regarding endocrinologist/diabetes doctors. But I still want l to have these information of good doctors and researchers in this field. If you know some of them, please feel free to tell me. I post my son’s condition and our concerns online, I received wonderful help and information from caring people. Even these doctors and researchers are far from us, it is ok for me. Don’t worry about that. Thank you💐

Hi, I just joined this forum, and I’m also interested in finding good endocrinologists. I had a pretty good doctor for about 9 years, but after moving 4 times, I’m struggling to find a comparable practice. I currently live in the Southeast (about 3 hrs from Atlanta)…there seems to be a dearth of decent general practitioners, much less endocrinologists.

I live in DC where some of our hospitals have Diabetes Treatment Centers. When I got my first insulin pump my doctor had us spend a couple of nights at one of those hospitals while he checked our settings; and the physician I see now is in a group practice at a DTC at another hospital. I have underestimated the challenges of finding endo’s who treat Type1 but checking with hospitals may be the place to start.

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Setting aside liability considerations for a moment, what other options exist to help T1Ds find supportive doctors? Based on personal experience over 50+ years, not every physician has a patient-centered approach to T1D.

@brighter1085293 (and everyone) The local JDRF chapter (nearest you) could help with good recommendations. The JDRF chapter lookup link is here. If they don’t have a direct recommendation, someone in that chapter might. :shamrock: My insurance offers a doctor search feature and you could possibly interview qualified doctors as well.