What to do for hockey

alright, so i know hockey season doesnt start until mid september but i want to know what ill need to do. i was just diagnosed so im not quite sure what to do, the doctors say hockey causes highs and delayed lows is it true?


thankks hailey:)

I've never had an issue with highs while playing or after playing but I have experienced lows.  Just don't take the ice if you are high already because it will just elevate them further.  Keep gatorade at the bench for fuel and quick carbs.

Hi Hailey,

 I played field hockey all through high school and college while taking injections to manage my diabetes so I know one thing: you can do it! I found that when my blood sugar was high before practice or a game (it often went up due to the excitement), that it would sometimes go higher despite the exercise. I also learned that it would stay low for hours after exercising, sometimes through the night and into the next day. Are you using injections or are you on a pump? You'll definitely want to factor meals and snacks in as you plan; what you eat for lunch will make a big difference as well as whether you have a pre-practice snack. I'll share with you a big frustration and that is going into a game with a low blood sugar and feeling like you can't play because it'll only go lower so work with your doctor or diabetes educator to determine meals that will help you be at a good level when it's time to play. I'm sure your doctor also told you to check your blood sugar immediately before exercise and after; I also had a coach who encouraged me to check during practice and take a minute or two to stop and see how I was feeling as sometimes it's tricky to feel the symptoms of low blood sugar when you're running around. It sounds overwhelming but you aren't alone!

sometimes i go high before hockey because of the adrenaline rush and then i go high in the middle and at the end and start to go down later...

lately, i tend to be in a good range before and then i go lower during and low after

you just need to check before, during, and after and have PLENTY of food on hand

I dont play hockey but I play a lot of sports and i have big issues with delayed lows. I'm usually a little on the high end when i am playing a game or practicing but the effect of the exercise hits me 8-10 hours later...which is usually about two in the morning in my case. If delayed lows become an issue I would suggest decreasing the amount of insulin you get a couple hours after exercise. I usually just set a temporary basal rate right before i go to bed and I'm fine in the morning when i wake up. Keeping food around is a good point too...my teammates always know who to come to when there starving after a game!! haha. Good luck with everything!

i play hockey i am a goaile  i tend to be  normble  before  hockey but  in the middle  and  the  end i  go high  and  in a   couple hours  after hockey   it  will come  down i usely  have  lows the  next  day  or that night  depending  how  hard i played.  just  remember  evere one is  different  and one day  to the next  will be different to. just  makes sure you got  juice or somthing with you  and your meater on the ice  with you  at  all times.  good luck to you  this  up coming  season   play hard  have  fun .