Getting extra supplies for travel

I will be travelling for 4 months in a remote area (the nearest pharmacy is 1.5 hours away) and I want to carry extra supplies. Does anyone know how to get more than a 90 day supply for my CGM and insulin from my insurance company (Florida Blue)?

I haven’t traveled in a very long time but I’m thinking you could ask your doctor to write a scrip increasing the number of bottles you need (or number of units per day) to give you enough to last. That’s advice from a homebody though - hopefully some more adventuresome forum members will have real life suggestions for you.
Enjoy your trip!

@Kaymillsaok Welcome Kay to the JDRF TypeOneNation Forum! And welcome from another Floridian who does not use “Florida Blue”, for me a rather expensive carrier.

As many doctors follow a code of ethics, I suggest that you have the following options available:

  • Everything begins with prescribing medic, who you will ask to add to existing prescription “additional months” needed;
  • Speak with the pharmacy / supplier where you get your insulin and CGM supplies and find what is needed to fulfill prescribed quantities;
  • Call Florida Blue for additional instructions.

For me, the much more simple solution, and this can be your option to activate at any time in the future, is to take the available option to have your insulin and other prescriptions “home delivered”. With “home delivery”, YOU can supply the address for delivery and change the delivery address at any time you desire. For instance in the olden age when I was working, I had insulin delivered to my office where there was a refrigerator rather than left in the sun on the front porch - my employees knew to put insulin in the frig when I was traveling and to put other supplies in my office.