Studying Abroad with T1D

Hi guys! I am going to be in Poland for three months, and then studying abroad in Dublin right away for another 4 months. Does anyone have advice about bringing supplies and insulin over in Europe?

I have traveled abroad before but for shorter periods of time. I am going to call my insurance to let me bring enough supplies and insulin to last me. Any tips?


I’ve only been abroad for about 1 month at a time, but I think the best way would be to mimic how thru-hikers prep their food. Definitely bring like a FULL suitcase of supplies and as much insulin as you can, and have someone back at home with prepped packages that they can send you when needed. You can set dates and mailing locations based on where you’ll be. I frequently mailed food and supplies overseas, so I think the prep is just the biggest part!

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Take a letter from your doctor stating you are a type one diabetic and will be traveling with medical supplies and insulin. Bring your insulin with the prescription sticky label on it as proof it’s yours should you need it. Ahead of time, check out where the nearest clinic is just in case. Have a great trip! (There May be more advice- this is only what I’ve learnt so far!)

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Thanks Allison! Do you think there would be any problems with my supplies being sent overseas with security? If you don’t know, that’s fine. Just curious, because I’ve heard stories of things not being able to be sent over.

I’m not totally sure, but I’m sure there’s a way! (sorry for the late response)