G6 Battery

Hi, anyone replacing G6 batteries …can it be done? curious. I hear of someone doing it for a G4. J

You can @JoFasen, you have to grind and pry open the case (technically you have to break it), Then you have to remove the glue and do some grinding of the plastic to expose the battery. Then you have to remove the battery terminal clips without breaking them off. The you need a new battery (the only easy part)

then you hot glue and tape the whole thing back together and solder the old metal battery terminal clip back on the negative side.

there are videos online. I am pretty good with my hands, and I’ve taken apart most everything, and this looks seriously not worth it to me.

good luck.

Hi @JoFasen, many years ago I was given the namt Dr. Fixit; I could repair just about anything.
U looked at a few G5 battery replacements and said 0 not for me. Now I bring my expired transmitters to a “collector” at the JDRF meeting and she delivers them to a couple who refurbishes them and an organization distribute them to people in need.

Is G6 the same? Do you have a name? Jo