Funny Story For Ya

When I first got diagnosed i pretty much was in limbo. I figured id never be able to eat regular food ever again. Of course you can tho in moderation. But my sweet tooth was itching for some candy. i didnt even know sugar free candy existed. i never even heard of diabetes until i got it. So i was new to the whole diabetes world.

At the time I was a supervisor in U.P.S. working the 3rd shift. So i didnt have to be in work til 10pm. I went to the mall that day with my roomate/cousin. I came across a candy store. And they had those plastic containers where you can load candy into a plastic baggy for 4.99 a pound or what not. So i was looking at all the candies and i seen sugar free this and sugar free that. i thought i was in heaven. but thats all the container read. nothing else. just the name of the candy. (now for those who actually have a label to read about eating sugar free know im in trouble.) but i dont know this at the time or whats about to happen. clueless.

so i filled my bag with sugar free gummy worms and s.f. gummy bears. some s.f. hard candies. so i was snackin away and snackin away. i go home and start getting ready for work and finish off my bag of s.f. candy. well my stomach made a noise that ive never heard before. and then it did it again. i started to feel really fat. i couldnt even sit down my stomach hurt so much. so i figured i had to use the bathroom quick. i thought i was going to lose 10 pounds in there. nope just air. so i got up and was going to finish getting ready and im back on the toilet. Air. i did this about 20 times. my stomach still sounding like the devil.

i tried calling out of work but they said no. i had to be in. i get to my job to supervise the Sort isle and im hurting. im running to the bathroom every 5 minutes. management would Not let me leave there. That was the longest and most embarassing night on my job. when i got home i laid in fetal position for about 10 hours.

Never again will i look at sugar free candy. now that i know about it. i look at all the labels and their microscopic print "consumption of 3 or more will have a laxative effect." and they are not kidding. i must have eaten 50-75 candies that night.

If youve ever had that problem with the candy and paid for it like i did. just know i went through it about 10 worse then you did. unless you ate as much as me.


And yet one more reason to stay away from anything that says "sugar free" on the label...if you check the ingredient list, the carbs are almost always the same as the regular versions.  So I figured, if you've got to bolus, might as well be eating the real thing.  Not to mention it'll taste way better too!

yuck! the only sugar free thing i have ever eaten candy wise that was good..was these hersey almond chocolate no sugar added(so not really sugar free) mini-bars i got in my xmas stocking from a co-worker(she got us all a little stocking of goodies and she found those for me) they were soooooo good! otherwise i usually avoid no sugar added or sugar free

The only other thing sugar free candy that i tried after the first incident which i thought tasted phenomenal were the Sugar Free Reeses. With that being said. At UPS yet again. I had one of those on the way to work. 2 hours later im itching and scratching. i broke out in to a rash/hives anywhere where my clothes were rubbing in to me. or anywhere i scratched or pressed against.

I found out that i was allergic to the chemical Lacitol thats in the Reeses. Another hellish night at work back then.