Funny fingers

I never really noticed until after i was diagnosed, but sometimes my fingers get all warm and puffy and swollen, and when I test my BG level, the blood just gushes out. Then other times my fingers look really depleted, like someone sucked all the fluid out of them and when I test, I really have to squeeze them. Anyone else have this or know why it happens?

That's really unusual.  You should mention to your doctor.  The warmth and swelling sound like an infection. Are your blood sugars in pretty good range?  What was your last A1c?  

I've had this happen, too.  I think it has something to do with your blood circulation... But I'm not 100% sure...  Have you ever had the same thing happen to your feet?? Also, do your hands get itchy when they are swollen? or cold when they look "depleted"??

the only thing i have to do is really squeeze blood out of my fingers!! it's a pain! anyone have any advice?

My a1c is fine - 7.3.  I noticed that my fingers would feel more or less swollen even before I was diagnosed, so my guess is that it has to do with circulation and temperature - I've noticed now that they seem to not be doing that anymore since it's summer and the temp is mainly hot. My fingers were cold when I couldn't get much blood, and the blood seems to be flowing fine now that it's always warm. Also, I had random swelling in my feet and legs (as well as my fingers and hands) a week or so after I  was diagnosed. (I had been in the hospital in DKA and since I had been so deprived, the doctors said everything was kind of redistributing and flushing out.) During that time I noticed the finger thing a lot more. But thanks anyway! And no, I don't usually notice itching along with it...

As for squeezing the blood out, what I always do before I test is use my thumb to push the blood up toward my fingertip...ok, that sounds gross, sorry, but it works really well.

i sometimes have to poke my fingers several times to get any blood to come out and then there are times that I don't even have to squeeze my finger, It's weird.

me too!

and the times that you really have to squeeze it hurts like crazy!! is it like that for you

i always get worried that im going to run out of room on my fingers when i get older from all of the tiny caluses on my finger tips


Guess it's possible if you test a lot, but I've poked my fingers since glucose meters were first available more than 30 years ago.  For the last 10 years I've tested 6-7 times a day.  My fingers still bleed well and don't have any permanent scarring.  Your should be okay too.


thanks jenna! i just get worried with things lol

I have a lot of calluses too. Mostly from when i was younger and always used the same fingers. I hate it and they get super sore and dry. I don't used the callused ones anymore but is there anything i can do to make it go away?

i use my right thumb all the time

ahhh same here!:D

haha i dont know why but it hurts the least to me :)

Really? I never use my thumb! I tend to use the last three fingers on either hand...

I usually have really cold hands and feet, so I've never had excess blood in my extremities.  But anyway, I almost never use my thumbs because they hurt more.  My middle three fingers are the best, but I use my pinkies, too.  I think my pinkies and thumbs bleed the best, but that's probably because they are less calloused.

does everyone here only use their fingers?

bc (if you use the Freestyle Lite meter) you can use the clear cap for your forearms, calves, and even toes!!!

I usually only use my forearms and fingers, though

really? I haven't heard of using your calves...the idea seems really weird to me though since I've always used my fingers. Plus i heard if  you're low and eat something, the fingers will be where the blood goes the fastest.

I only use my ring fingers and my middle fingers, and I always get the "rotate fingers" comment from the doctors.They are really calloused, but they have been calloused since I can remember, my parents purposely used the same fingers so it wouldn't hurt as much when I was diagnosed (at 1 year). I try to give them a rest if I notice one or two are getting really bad, and then I'll normally cut away the dead skin with a clean nail clipper or rub at it with a pumice stone. I tried using my forearms when they started coming out with the new lancer devices, but I never really got it to work, and it always hurt more and bruised from all of the squeezing. I've also heard that if you get a low or high reading on your arm/thighs or wherever that you should retest on your fingers. When I was little my baby sitter would sometimes test on my toes if I wanted her too, I guess I got bored of doing it in my fingers, idk, i was a weird kid. Plus that was before the clear caps, you needed a huge drop of blood to get a reading, and the meter took 60 seconds.