Full time working mom

Hi everyone! My son turned 2 in December and was just diagnosed with T1D last week. It’s been very overwhelming as you all may know. We are still trying to get adjusted to this new journey. I work a full time job and haven’t been able to return to work yet. My place of employment has been very supportive, however, bills need to be paid. I still haven’t been able to find daycare for my son and it breaks my heart just the thought of having to leave him. I moved to Florida 2 yrs ago and don’t have any family here, which makes things worse. My mother came to “help” but she is afraid to give him his insulin, which is the help I really need, to not only care for him but also administer his meds. I have to go back to work Tuesday and this is driving me crazy, you know, on top of the anxiety and stress I already have due to this unexpected diagnosis. Any full time working parents that can give me any advise? Please help a fellow mom

Hi Lilibeth @Bastiant1d , first let me offer you a Warm Welcome to TypeOneNation! - and a welcome into this world of diabetes. I’ve been a “member” of the diabetes world for 62 years - and I never wanted to join.

I live in Florida too and I’d be happy to help you out in a pinch - even try coaching your mother - but I don’t live near you. I’m posting a link to the JDRF Chapters in Florida - perhaps if you speak with the contact person of the Chapter nearest you, you may be able to find someone to help you.

Click on “JDRF Near You” and enter your zip code.

I hope you find a solution soooooonnnnn. Keep in touch, there are many people here who may be able to offer you tips and suggestions - not just for daycare but for you living so close to diabetes.

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