3 y/o daughter newly diagnosed


My name is Maria, I have 2 little girls ages 6 and 3. Recently a few weeks ago 9/3/2018, I rushed day 3 years to the hospital and was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. When I took her in her levels were at 900. I have never known or heard of anyone in my family have diabetes. My daughter is the first one on both mine and my husbands family with this diagnoses. I find myself hoping this is a dream, everyday I freak out if her levels are too low. I needed to take a 30 day leave from work to learn her new lifestyle and care for her. The date of returning to work is getting nearer and nearer. She will be attending a home daycare and I’m getting worried on how she will adjust both her and the provider. What if she goes to low and daycare don’t realize she is low. The dangers that can happen. I cry and I’m stressed of all this.

Hi Maria @T1DMommy22, I feel for you and can understand your anxiety. You appear to be concerned that “the home daycare” may not be able to care for your daughter as well as you have been doing - yes, there is much that you have learned and now you must share your knowledge with the daycare workers.

I suggest, that you arrange to spend several consecutive days at the daycare working along side the people who will be watching over your daughter - if they will allow that - and bit-by-bit show them how you have been caring for your daughter and that you gradually step back and just be an observer. I’m assuming that you have already prepared the daycare for your daughter and given them written materials. I hope for the best.

And I’m not at all surprised that there isn’t anyone else in your immediate or extended family wit autoimmune diabetes [TypeOne]; I was one of eight children and the only one with diabetes. It is a widely known fact that only about 10% of those diagnosed with T1D have an immediate blood relationship with another.

Hi Maria
The stress this can cause on a caring parent can be sometimes overwhelming, I’m sorry it is causing you so much stress.
I work in a school, and one of our children in ECD ( early childhood) has t1. She is now in kindergarten but has been with us since nursery (4 y/o) .
Her parents were able to get her a nurse assigned to her. I’m not sure if it’s through insurance or something else. The nurse has the girl’s CGM on her cell. It might be something worth looking into, or atleast make sure that the day care provider is well trained.
Sorry I can’t be more of help, but I know it’s feasible to get help, even if it’s not an actual nurse, someone responsible and able to take action on case of a low
Wishing you all the best

Hey Maria @T1DMommy22.
I’m very sorry about your little one’s recent diagnosis and all the stress and worry it’s causing you. You’ve had a lot to process about her diagnosis and care.
I’ve lived with T1 for over 46 years and there are others in the forums who’ve lived w it longer. Speaking for myself, I grew up and have a good healthy life. I feel my best advice would be to step back and catch your breath. You’ve had a lot happen in less than a month. You can not be expected to have it all figured out in only a couple of weeks. And please know, you did nothing wrong to cause this. As moms it’s our nature to blame only ourselves for anything that happens to our child. Now’s the time to rely on your daughter’s health care team; Dr, Nurse Educator, Dietitian, and support people for you. Don’t hesitate to talk about your fears and worries to the team. Ask if they would recommend a Continuous Glucose Monitor… CGM so you can stay on top of lows. Get in touch with your local chapter of the JDRF. My mom tells me in the days after my diagnosis, they were a tremendous help with everything she needed. Talk to your daughter’s daycare provider. Make sure she knows and understands her responsibilities in caring for your child. The most important thing my mom ever did for me from day one was teach me independence and self reliance. She always reminded me it’s my disease and my job to take care of it. She also reminded me, there was nothing special about having diabetes. I still had to go to school, do chores just like all of my friends. Please try not to obsess over possible lows. Your daughter will surprise you with how much she knows and what she can do. Good luck and Best wishes to you both.