Full body scanner and cgm

I have been told by TSA agents that the full body scanner, Automated Body Scanner, (CGM not allowed through metal detector or x-ray) has no impact on Dexcom G5 CGM. Is that true?

I’m not 100% sure if I understand the question (clarify if I answered incorrectly!)… I travel almost weekly for business and the full body scanner is fine; but I always (100%) get double checked (even with TSA precheck). The scanner will show anything in or on the body (including the transmitter from the G5). It usually adds less than 5min to my time in TSA security. With the REGULAR metal detectors, if I take the belt clip/holster off of my Medtronic pump (put pump in my pocket), I do not beep/alarm (with pump and Dexcom G5 on my body). Did that answer the question? Good luck and safe travels.

We just traveled by plane and my daughter took her Dexcom through the full body scanner with no problems at all.

It will not harm the transmitter.