Full body scanner and cgm

I have been told by TSA agents that the full body scanner, Automated Body Scanner, (CGM not allowed through metal detector or x-ray) has no impact on Dexcom G5 CGM. Is that true?

My daughter has a CGM and also an insulin pump. She flies several times a year and goes through the full body scanner without incident. They have her rub her hand over her omnipod and then test her hand for explosive residue every time, but it is only a minor thing. No problems with the CGM after scans.

I agree with Kimgreenup. When I travel, they tell me not to go thru the metal detector machine and to only go thru the full body scanner. I’ve had no problems with my pump or my CGM (medtronic). They do ask me to rub my hand on the pump housing so they can do a bomb residue test. no biggie.

I generally follow the recommendation from the manufacturer.