Airport Security

Hey guys!
I currently have the Animas Vibe insulin pump and Dexcom CGM. Does any body have experience with getting through airport security with the pump and CGM? Like have you’ve gone through the body scanner with the pump? What did you do with your Dexcom receiver? I’m really just freaking out about damaging my pump and CGM while I’m on vacation.

April R.

I’ve had lots of different experiences at airport security wearing a pump and CGM. Sometimes I’ve walked through without any concerns (not the total body scanner though). Most times the TSA agent ahs done an extra swab of my pump and cgm (I think to check for explosives!). It takes a few extra minutes but it was quick and easy. My receiver always went through the main scanner with my carry-on but in a small plastic container. I now use my phone for my CGM so that goes through with my luggage. I have not ever had a problem with anything not working afterwards and I’ve traveled a lot! I carry a letter from my endo and show it to the TSA agent if they ask to search my bag. I’ve never had any issues at all. Hope things go well for your trip.

Hi April @alr010,

You should not have any problems with airport security (TSA) issues when traveling with an insulin pump as long as you are “open” and don’t try to conceal - at least I haven’t. As far as an insulin pump being adversely affected, I haven’t encountered problems and I’ve been through all types of scanners; I don’t use CGM so I can’t speak to that but I suppose that the receiver will travel through security the same as a mobile phone.

This link Disabilities and Medical Conditions | Transportation Security Administration is to the TSA regulations; the regs speak to “disabilities” so you may need to point out to certain TSA agents that Type One Diabetes was the only disease specifically identified as total disability in Public Law 101-336 - The Americans with Disabilities law. Regretfully I once had to have an agent who insisted that I remove my pump taken off-line and sent for additional training. Other than that one instance I had only one delay when an agent asked if I could step aside and talk; her husband was considering starting on a pump and she had lots of questions.

Animas has guidlines for going through airport security…I have an animas ping and the guidlines say not to go through scanners so I have always requested a pat down. This is generally no problem. I also carry a letter (that you can download from the animas site) confirming that indeed the ping can not go through the scanners.
Just make sure to give yourself enough time at the airport so you will not be stressed about the extra time the pat down takes. Have fun on your travels!

Hey guys!
I actually had no problem getting through security! I told them I had a pump and they just swabbed my hands after I touched the pump to check for residue. I went through the scanner and had no problem with my pump after that! Thanks for all the feedback! It is greatly appreciated! Hope all is well!